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Dynaudio BM5A Pair Main / Stereo Speaker Bookshelf Speakers 


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[May 22, 2009]
Audio Enthusiast

It took me quite a long time to find an active studio monitor for under $3000 Aus that satisfied what I wanted from such an apparently difficult beast to capture. Primarily I wanted a near field monitor that could present the mix in a reasonably together and listenable manner both spatially, dynamically and accurately AT LOW VOLUME LEVELS primarily, and medium levels sometimes. . . .I have a different system for "LOUD" listening.

I have listened to all sorts of monitors (KRK, Tannoy, Fostex, Mackie, EVENT, Yamaha) and was really trying to spend my money . . . the Mackies sounded great . . . with everything . . too Hi Fi . . . the Events were spatially great . . .but too 'Dry' sounding to be pleasing to listen to for too long.

Then I borrowed the Dynaudio Acoustics off a friend selling them . . . and initially loved the width of the imaging . . but unsure.
After a week of tweaking positioning (both physically, and with some of the inbuilt settings on the dipswitches on the back of the speaker) I started to hear how beautiful these speakers are.

The speakers disappear totally, leaving this beautifully open sound hanging in the air between them. . .I am usually absolutely unaware of the the speaker itself producing the sound . . it just IS there between the speakers . . both width, height and depth.

I listen to a mixture of hip hop, jazz, elctronic, classical, drum n bass, world, ambient, pop and electronic music, as well as listen to movies through these.

I would rate them very highly (and indeed bought them of fmy friend, and am listening to them now, as I have been for the past year :)

If i had to say they have a weakness for their price point, it would be the lack of subsonic bass (ie below 40 Hz), but I don't need that from these (My full range monitoring system goes down to 15Hz) and perhaps a slight lack of sparkle/air around 16k and up. They sound very natural and present both a deep and wide soundstage with a smooth mid and high (NOT dull . . .smooth) with an excellent ability to play at low to medium volumes communicatively and dynamically. I find my mixes done on these tranlate very well to other speakers, which is important to me.

Remember though, a small reduction in bass (via the dipswitches on the rear of the speaker) together with careful angling took me nearly a week for this magic to happen.

They suited everything I was looking for from a monitor.
They are a little expensive (at full rrp in Australia). . . so bargain them down to closer to $2000 Aus than $3000 and ENJOY !

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