Behringer Truth 2031P Bookshelf Speakers

Behringer Truth 2031P Bookshelf Speakers 


2 way Passive Monitor


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[Oct 06, 2010]
Audio Enthusiast

Price per performance can't be beat! With today's advancements in technology in digital recording, it's easier to master a final track. I'm writing this from two perspectives.
Home Audio Recreation - These are overkill for this type of thing. My computer systems consist of two towers, one for music, and one for home computing gaming. Music Playback is solid, the high and low frequencies are split very well, and because of the solid enclosure design, very little to no kinetic noise. Gaming is pretty vibrant as well. I play HawkX and it sounds like I'm piloting a real plane (obvious over exaggeration just to get a feel for what it's like).

Digital Recording Environment - Yes I have had experience with a lot of higher end equipment, (see below), but for someone who has a family and a strict budget, these monitors can, in my honest opinion, hang with the rest of them. I record all instruments live, and, with the challenges of acoustic instruments such as drums, is always hard to get the right balance when mixing down. I've compared mixes that I have done with an Adam A7 and the 2031's, and to me they didn't sound much different when I played the mixed tracks down. Granted there could be some bias to the mixdown, but I mixed them from two different computers running the same software, (Logic Pro for Windows), and hardware configuration, (Roland SI-24 and RPC Interface Card), and output to each brand respectively. I pretty much got the same results. This is without copying over any EQ or finalization settings. I exported the waveforms, imported them, and then tweaked each track until the final mixdown and got more or less the same result. There is a difference in sound between an A7 and a 2031, especially with the Ribbon tweeter on the A7, but overall the end product was more or less the same. The highs and lows are great, and the midband cuts through as well.

Solid construction
Internal Bi-Amplification
XLR Balanced and TRS balanced Inputs

Switches are on the back (roll off, etc)
Always On when plugged in.
Cable inputs are annoying to access, but it looks clean.

Similar Products Used: JBL LSR 28P, Mackie HR-824, Adam A7

Conclusion: Yes it has a Behringer Emblem, but don't let this brand fool you. They make good stuff and some bad stuff. For practicality and function versus price, it's worth it. Even their pro audio stuff is decent when paired with the right kinds of components. In other words, the Behringer piece would be the ONLY behringer piece in the signal chain. With this monitor setup though, it CAN stand it's own, even for professional applications.

[Mar 12, 2008]


Well built
High power handling
Big sound, small package
Easy to find


Some like the look, some don't
Power hungry
Treble slightly harsh
Thats about it. For the price you cant go wrong.

Are you kidding me? I got these for $159!
2-way studio reference monitor. The B2031P ...extremely flat frequency response (55 Hz - 21 kHz) and can handle 150 Watts. Long-throw 8 3/4" woofer with a special polypropylene diaphragm, while a ferrofluid-cooled HF driver. 25 pounds each!
Ok, purchased these being very sceptical of the behringer name but I just like to buy gear and see how it performs then sell it. I'm keeping these. They come as matched paires and are packed well. The first thing I noticed is how heavy these are for the size! I set them up at my work with a Marantz 2270 and marantz cd player. Wow! What a great sound! Very transparent and detailed. However they like lots of power and my marantz was really up to par. I have a Behringer EP1500 amp that I estimate at least 250 watts rms. I like the amp but have had a hard time pairing up speakers to match its characteristics. The two are pefect with eachother. I can push these speaker to amazing levels without a hint of distortion. Very tight, accurate. Big sound. A hint of treble harshness, but can be easily adjusted.
I have better speakers than this but they are a lot more money. I cannot think of a better bookshelf for the money that I have listened too. They kill my Bay audio Bebops for alot less cash. Not everyone will like the look but the sound makes up for it.

Customer Service

Have not had to use them. I'm supprised, I have pushed these speakers to crazy limits with no failure.

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