B.I.C. America RTR V44-2 Bookshelf Speakers

RTR V44-2

The 3-way bookshelf V44 speakers are ideal for both music and home theater. Speaker enclosures and screen grilles are Weather Resistant for outdoor use. Video shielding, built-in power protection, higher power handling & larger cabinets for improved bass are advantages compared to the 43-2 . The V44-2 also includes wire & mounting brackets. RtR speakers are digital ready/ compatible & can be used with all 8 ohm receivers.

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Skyehawke   Audio Enthusiast [Aug 14, 2004]

Price, performance, mounting options


Not an ABS enclosure fan;at this price, I'll live

In addition to my main Home Theater System in my living room, I purchased a while back for my bedroom an all inclusive dvd/amplifier DD5.1/DTS HTIB system, rated 15 watts RMS x5.1. The system came with typical tiny enclosures with single 3 inch drivers x 5 and a 6 inch passive sub. Not mind blowing but it sounded infinitely superior to my bedroom flat-screen TV’s two tiny speakers. I was not however satisfied, and thought a modest upgrade in speakers may help with little cost. It was then that I remembered I had purchased a few years back a pair of BIC America RtR V44's to potentially use on my patio (went wireless instead). I dug them out once I remembered where I stashed them and replaced the tiny front L & R speakers on my system with the two RtR 44's...Wow! The immediate and great increase to the sonic quality of this very inexpensive system was remarkable! The wider range that the RtR 3-way speakers provided was beyond my wildest expectations. Problem: The tiny single driver center & rear channel speakers were way outclassed. This had to be rectified!!! I immediately ordered direct from BIC America-RtR one set of RtR44-3's, containing 3 speakers, one oriented horizontally for the center. The package contains mounting brackets, rubber stick-on dampners, & wire. I proceeded to immediately replace the remaining tiny single drivers with these 3-ways and I am yet in disbelief of the improved sound quality...Amazing! I was at this time simultaneously replacing my living room systems Yamaha 8 inch powered sub with a new 10 inch JBL powered sub, so replaced my bedroom systems passive 6 inch sub with the powered 8 inch Yamaha...This just keeps getting better and better!!! On a whim and just for kicks and giggles, I took two of the RtR 44's to my living room and hooked them up to the front L&R speaker position, temporarily replacing my JBL towers. I then proceeded to put in a ZZ Top disk, followed by Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, George Clinton, Hank Wiiliams Jr., and then watched the "Eagles: Hell Freezes Over" and "Blade II", both in DTS. Too cool! I was still impressed. These small RtR 3-way bookshelf speakers are not in the same class as my JBL 3-way towers, and do not perform as well, but they were in fact pleasant, and were capable of handling quite a bit of the 100 watts from my receiver. They got loud, and remained clear with very nice reproduction of the high's and mid-range. I also wish to comment on the very helpful staff at RtR in Customer Service, Sales, and Tecnical. I ordered direct from them paying comparable price to retail. This was an all around positive and pleasant experience for me. Again I say, amazing. I would recommend these RtR R44's to anyone who wishes a genuinely nice sounding modest priced speaker for a spare room, upgrade to a shelf system, as well as primary speakers for an entry level or secondary surround sound system. I will also in the future consider BIC America speakers for my personal use and applications.

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