ads L400e bookshelf speaker Bookshelf Speakers

ads L400e bookshelf speaker Bookshelf Speakers 


High performance monitor loudspeaker system A/D/S model L400e with exceptional imaging and superb transient response. Each speaker contains a solid-state, fully automatic tweeter protector. This device reduces the power to the tweeter when the speaker is operated at unsafe power levels. The protector resets itself when the power is reduced to a safe operating level.

Beautiful metal cabinets measure 12"H x 7-1/2"W x 7-1/2"D

L400e's frequency range: 60 hz-20 khz, 88 dB sensitivity, minimum requirements of 35 watts per channel, nominal 4 ohm impedance.


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[Dec 13, 2008]


Great soundstage,imaging - I have owned many speakers the last 3 years but these rank up there with the best. The bass is very impressive ,the instrument placement is very precise and the highs seem to sparkle. They are a large bookshelf speaker and look very good. They are the first high end speaker I've paid retail for(worth it) yet to see a bad review of these speakers anywhere. Driven with a B&K Ref 4420 amp, Mcintosh mx130 preamp and pioneer dv-45a dvd player and kimber cable speaker wires.


None really

I've been searching for the ultimate bookshelf for a long time. Countless listening sessions with any bookshelf speakers I could get in my hands have finally concluded in what is most definitely the best bookshelf that I have ever heard: the A/D/S L400e. I've always wanted to find a speaker that combines the massive presence of an excellent floor-standing with the refined, unerring focus of an excellent bookshelf. Many bookshelves have left a great impression on me because of their ability to hone in on certain musical notes and propagate them through space, making it easy for me to "follow" them. On the other hand, floor-standing models have always excelled at presenting music as a whole and only slightly accentuating individual notes, allowing me to lay back and listen in a much more relaxed fashion. There's been a war raging inside me to decide which type of sound I liked more. But the more I though about it, the more I couldn't decide. Sometimes I want a speaker to reveal every single little detail and keep me busy listening. Other times I just want to lay back and almost ignore a speaker only to be brought back into the music at key points. Well, it seems that the A/D/S L400e have solved all my problems. I am truly amazed at what these speakers can do to increase enjoyment and decrease fatigue. They are so balanced that they are truly difficult to describe. They sound deep and dark without sacrificing detail in the least bit. They sound full without being boomy I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to audition them. They are truly spectacular, easily eclipsing everything else that I have listened to and I auditioned a lot of them.

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