Turtle Beach Audiotron VOY03505 MP3 Players

Turtle Beach Audiotron VOY03505 MP3 Players 


Instant Access to a World of Digital Music- Anywhere in your home! The Internet The Internet and the PC provide you with instant access to more of your favorite music than ever before - but until now, you had to sit at your PC to enjoy it. Now you can use AudioTron to play all the music downloaded from the Internet, anywhere in your home, through the home stereo equipment you already own!Super-Convenient Listening Tired of listening to MP3 music or Internet concerts on tinny-sounding plastic PC speakers? AudioTron connects to your PC through standard telephone lines and is designed for use with even the highest quality stereo components, wherever you want to put them. A world of digital music at your fingertips - in full-scale, living stereo! Tired of running to the CD player to change disks or endlessly scanning the radio dial for the music you like? Using the incredible storage capacity of today's computers, AudioTron gives you countless hours of your favorite music - instantly, at your command. Have you ever wished you could instantly find the perfect music for the mood you'd like to set? Digital music on the PC lets you organize your music into playlists, which can be organized by genre, mood, album titles, artist, or any category you can think of. And with AudioTron, you can have instant access to all your favorite music, sorted however you want it. Create the soundtrack to your day, every day! Easy to Use, with the familiar Look and Feel of a Stereo Component AudioTron gives you all the versatility of Internet digital music with the ease-of use and convenience of a standard audio component, complete with remote control. Sit back, relax, and with the click of a button you're listening to all your favorite music! AudioTron works with your PC to transmit and receive digital audio over standard in-wall phone wiring, providing a new way to store, play, organize and personalize all of your digital music and audio media. Imagine? call up any song from your entire collection of CD's or play any list of your favorite tracks in any order you choose with virtually no delay between tracks - all from any room in your house. With AudioTron it's as simple as using a VCR, CD or DVD player!

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