Panasonic RX-FS470 Cassette Boombox Boomboxes

Panasonic RX-FS470 Cassette Boombox Boomboxes 


Panasonic presents its RX-FS470 - Slim Style AM/FM Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder with XBS. 3-band graphic EQ customizes your sound. This recorder also features 2-way, 4-speaker system with free edge speakers for enhanced bass response, XBS extra bass system with ON/OFF & level control, FM stereo/mono mode selector, LED FM stereo indicator, auto-reverse playback, reverse mode selector, forward/reverse direction switch, FF & REW controls, auto stop & pause, one-touch recording, built-in condenser mic, soft eject system, CD/Line-in jacks for optional CD player.


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[Dec 17, 2019]


Bought this RX-FS470 about 25+ years ago and forgot about it buried under my bed all dusty from the years unnoticed. Today I dug it out and cleaned it off and it powered on just like new and played with excellent fidelity. I was so surprised and amazed how clean and natural sounding this unit put out. The 3 band equalizer and bass boost feature is what makes it able to produce such good fidelity. I am so glad I bought this boombox way back years ago and rediscovered it today. It sounds better than many other modern and current am/fm boom boxes out today in 2019! Wow so happy with it. I don't remember exactly what year I purchased this radio and i don't know how much I paid for it when it was new. So I can't answer those questions. But I think I bought it in the late 1980's or early 1990's time frame. Great today as it was back then!


I don't have anything to say about any weaknesses other than it is a vintage unit so it does not have the modern capabilities to play CD's or SD Cards or Bluetooth connectivity or USB sticks. It is what it is AM/FM Stereo and Cassette tape player/recorder. It does those tasks well.

[Jan 20, 2009]
Audio Enthusiast


Puts out good sound
RCA inputs
Two cords fold into the boombox
Records anything easily
plays cassettes without stopping for days if you like
no software to mess up


no digital radio tuner, nor does it pick up any signals besides AM/FM

no RCA outputs, which could have been useful on many occasions

no USB ports included... nor does it include a good DAC,,,

It has been really handy to have because it has RCA inputs for recording. I can record anything that is in any audio format from my laptop. I just run it through a headphone to RCA cord (from Radioshack - $5), and play it out the speakers, or record it on cassette. No worrying about RIAA lawsuits. It just works, simply, every time.

And it sounds pretty good too.

It is durable. Mine is at least 20 years old.

I wouldn't trade it for anything. Too bad the industry stopped including RCA inputs on boomboxes. I guess the industry figured out that they didn't want people recording things, or using boomboxes as portable speakers for laptops.

Did I mention that is portable? It runs on batteries, or through the included plug.

If only modern audio equipment were so useful, or so durable.

Customer Service

t has been dropped, banged around on construction jobs, dented, hit, etc. It has never had a problem.
I doubt Panasonic would service it, but it was not that expensive anyway, and besides it just works - it probably will in another 20 years, too.

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Sometime after making this boombox, all manufacturers unanimously ceased including RCA inputs, hence no other 'products' have been of any use for me.

It has outlasted many computers and stereo setups.

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