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Pro Media 4.1

The ProMedia™ 4.1 personal audio system is a five-piece, THX®-Certified, 400-watt set of speakers based on our ground-breaking ProMedia v.2-400 surround sound design. The new ProMedia™ 4.1 maximizes audio signals from PC and Macintosh computers; MP3, CD, Minidisc and DVD players; video game consoles; and even digital video cameras, VCRs and televisions; providing a fun, involving listening experience. Aesthetically identical to its predecessor (ProMedia™ v.2-400), the ProMedia™ 4.1 includes new key features that reflect feedback received from passionate fans of the original ProMedia™ design.

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oliver kuo   Audio Enthusiast [Jun 21, 2005]

Great audio quality, at a decent price Reliable (using these refurbs daily for almost 3 years now) Can go quite loud before distorting Quality gets better with proper tweaking


Makes your low bit rate mp3s sound like crap There are many cheaper alternatives out there. Can bother neighbors Requires proper tweaking to get optimal sound

These speakers are incredible, considering what I paid for them. Sure they're pricy, but few systems meant for the pc can match their accurate audio production. I have a friend with a set of logitech z680, though those speakers have much more powerful bass, and probably go lower, the klipsch seems to have tighter more responsive bass, and overall more accurate sounding music. The sound quality of these is so good, that it will reveal all the audio artifacts of low quality mp3s. In fact since I got these, I've been spending my free time deleting all my old mp3s, and re encoding my cd collection in 256k and above at variable bit rate. Even so, some pieces still sound better played off the cd than in mp3 format. These seem to sound "warmer" than the 5.1 ultras also by klipsch. But the ultras can obviously go lower, and higher, and louder, and have more of a "crisp/clean" sound to them. I have a friend with the klipsch 5.1 gmx. When it comes to music, he prefers the sound of my promedias over this gmx. These speakers require you to get optimal drivers, and settings, especially crossover, before they sound at their best. I have an nforce soundstorm, and 3.19 drivers actually sound the best, using a 80hz crossover, with all equalizers and reverb or any kind of dsp disabled. Enabling any sort of dsp for me muddies up the sound. For my ht, I have an energy take 5.2 with es-10 sub. The klipsch's performance is definitely not up to that system (not fair considering $600 diff). But the klipsch comes close enough to the energys, that even though the take 5.2 were some of the greatest audio bargains under $1000 for a long time, I feel a little duped. (keep in mind though, the energys are filling a larger room with sound).

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