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Lim Benny   Audiophile [Sep 07, 2000]

My friends, all the hype is true! This is an excellent tuner. This one is going to stay. It is expensive but worth every cents!!

As mentioned.

Thomas   Casual Listener [Feb 22, 2001]

None !!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved tuners since I bought my first stereo system. It offered me "free music" and I was able to try different directions, you know, some jazz, classic etc.
I owned some of these socalled ' Reference ' tuners like the Onkyo or Revox. They really hurt my ears.
After this experience I bought 10 years ago my Dynalab 'Etude'with the Signal Sleuth 205. These two units survived every change in my system, until a friend really wanted to have them.
I ordered the 108 without listening.
Got it, connected it and had really problems to believe that I am listening to a TUNER.
Unbelievable. I had the Naim 01, good sound, but the 108 smokes it in EVERY area.
It is lean and quick-sounding with excellent frequency extension. Instruments like piano and drums are rendered with weight and authority, but without any overhang or woolly quality that can obscure clarity. Vocals have excellent detail and body. High frequencies are very well extended and not bright, edgy or grainy-sounding, as is often heard from lower-quality units and it can throw a wide and stable soundstage.
This is amazing because we all know what kind of signals are coming out from the Radio Stations.
A really, really excellent unit.
There is some hype about the ' Marantz 10 B ' or the ' Sequerra ' tuners. I know some owners.
Well, when something in these units stop working - specially with the ' 10 B ' - then it is over. Definetly. Same with the Sequerra.
So here is the new Star.
Will never give it away.

System's Components:

Turntable: Basis Debut Vacuum Mk.V
Arm: Graham 2.0 Deluxe
Cartridge: Takeda ' Miyabi '
CD Transport: Goldmund Mimesis
D/A Converter: DCS ' Delius '
D/D Converter: DCS ' Purcell '
Phono Preamp: Stan Klyne 7 PX 3.5
Line Preamp: Stan Klyne 7 LX 3.5
Power Amps : 2 x Pass Aleph 0 ( Mono )
2 x QUAD II ( GEC, Mullard )
Speakers : Kochel ( Horns )
Tuner : Magnum Dynalab ' MD 108 ' +
Magnum Dynalab ' Signal Sleuth 205 '
Headphone : Stax SR-404 Sign.+ SRM-006t
Interconnects: XLO Ltd. Edition
Phono Cable : XLO Signature
Speaker Cables: XLO Signature Shotgun
Digital Cables: XLO Signature AES/EBU
Power Cables: XLO Ultra
Record Cleaner: VPI HW 16.5

Power Conditioner: Burmester 948
Rack : Solid Steel

Mitch   an Audio Enthusiast [Apr 11, 1999]

Quality FM listening is critical to any serious music lover. After all, how will you find those obscure artists who don't get promoted by the record labels? Public and college radio is a great way to hear good new alternative, jazz, blues, and classical artists that have a good chance of slipping by even an avid cd and vinyl collector. The idea that radio is not an audiophile media is one of the greater myths in audio. After owning an Etude and being quite happy, I took the plunge to an MD108. Now there is no reason from an audiophile perspective to shun radio. Soundstage, palpability, transparency, you name it are absolutely exceptional. If you own a highly resolving system, you will be amazed at the sound quality. Rather than ramble on with superlatives, I suggest you audition this tuner and see for yourself. In addition to it's stunning good looks, you'll find yourself mesmermized during serious listening sessions.
For reference purposes, here is the balance of my system:

Thiel CS 6's
Cary SLM 200 mono blocks
Audio Research Reference One
Krell KPS 20i
Audio Research PH3se
JMW Memorial 12" tonearm
Grado Reference
Tice power conditioning

Jim   Audiophile [Mar 31, 2000]

Sound quality



I have been lucky enough to have several very good audio
products over the years,....including the ART by Conrad
Johnson, cd players from Levinson, Audio Research..etc.
The MD-108 is the finest sounding source product I have
ever heard.....including through Theil 6 and Magnepan
MG-20 and 3.6.. I am not sure as to why the MD-108 on
a local public radio station playing a jazz cd by Diana
Krall or Shirley Horn..or others,...would or could sound
better than the same cd on one of the high-end cd players
I have owned..but it does. My only answer is the audio
section of this tuner is far better than the audio section
of these, and perhaps all, cd players. Why do so many
"quality" cd players use op amps for their audio section?

Similar Products Used: Various, including Etude
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