Denon DN 790R Tape Decks

DN 790R

3-Head System with Combination Head - Both the recording and playback heads in Denon's combination head system are made of a high flux density material that is ideal for magnetic components. The coil wiring employs a special copper material called PC-OCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting), which assures outstanding response characteristics up to very high frequencies. MOL (Maximum Output Level) is also notably improved, resulting in transparent clarity and highly precise stero imaging.

Long Life Amorphous Heads - The lifetime of an amorphous head is five times longer than that of a conventional Permalloy head. Another advantage of the amorphous head is that it improves high frequency dynamic range by as much as 2 to 2.5db (at 14kHz).

High-Precision Aluminum Diecast Head Base - The Record/Playback and Erase heads are mounted in aluminum diecast bases. This design absorbs slight vibrations and effectively reduces modulation noise.

Improve Head Shape Design - The distance between the recording head gap and the playback head gap was reduced from 4.8 to 4.3mm, and the heads shape was optimized with the help of computer analysis. The result is notably improved tape-to-head contact and minimal dropouts in the upper frequency range. The position of the tape guides was moved from the REC side to the PLAY side, for even more stable tape travel.

Dolby S Noise Noise Reduction System - Dolby S uses the same technology as Dolby SR, a noise reduction system for professional applications. It allows absolutely faithful music recording and playback by virtually eliminating any perceptible noise. The noise reduction effect is as high as 24db in the upper frequency region and a comfortable 10db in the low range. This results in wide dynamic range over the entire music spectrum.

Computer-Controlled Silent Mechanism (3 Motors) - The DN-790R's elegantly simple CAM motor system is not only much quieter than conventional plunger or lever-driven systems but also far more reliable. A special computer and encoder control circuit check the timing of tape transport at all times. The computer also controls the display circuit, synchronizes the audio circuit with the timing of the tape transport mechanism, and activates the control buttons.

Dual Capstan Drive for Ideal Tape Transport - Perfectly constant tape tension is a prerequisite for stable tape-to-head contact. Denon's Dual Capstan Drive system thus provides a closed loop effect which isolates the the portion of the tape that is centered on the head. Both the flywheel and capstan have been finished to micron accuracy to deliver the possible performance in every respect. The audible result is a superior sound with significantly reduced modulation noise.

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