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N Morrill   Audio Enthusiast [Oct 10, 2002]

Appearance, value, horn (for nostalgia listening)


Base capability, brand confidence

I'm grading on a curve. This radio/cd was bought with a specific purpose, to provide some good music (better than a boom box) in a bedroom, but to be a single unit amp/radio/cd that would fit on a table, and provide an interesting visual effect. This comes from Teac's Nostalgia line and I've really not seen anything comparable with it. Radio - Rotary tuning with lighted dial - Reception from built in AM antenna and wire FM antenna exceeds that of any radio in my home (perhaps related to placement). - Sound is quite good on AM, horn listening brings back memories (I'm barely old enough), more on the horn later. - No presets, no scanning, just old fashioned tuning (this is intentional and kind of fun after all these years) CD - No frills, but recognizes CD-R's without a problem and plays through quite nicely. Additional play will divulge any fussyness regarding smudges and scratches. So far, no issues. No programming, no timer, just basic play. This is also intentional and allows for play of older music on CD-Media. Remote - N/A (I can use the exercise, and this unit is about nostalgia, not convenience). Speakers: Stereo - Surprisingly good for full range, a little murky at the low end, surprisingly good vocals, the clarity at the top doesn't match my Boston's but exceeds any boom box I've owned. Horn - Either or proposition, the 2in. horn is designed to provide an "old-time" sound. It is extremely fun for me to find an "old time standards" station on AM and listen through the horn. This is about re-creating memories, not about audiophile quality. Overall sound quality has been quite good when compared to boom box, and even Bose Wave and Cambridge Model 88 listening I've done in stores (especially when you consider the price difference, appearance, and nostalgia features). Bottom line, this product is beautiful, provides very adaquate stereo sound quality, and allows those of us who are over thirty-five the opportunity to reminisce about AM listening at the grandparents in sound, sight, and feel. I've not found a product surprise this pleasant in some time. This is not a product for everyone, but if you are in the market for a nostalgic radio that will also let you listen to CD's, I can't think of a better choice.

Similar Products Used: n/a (nothing really quite like it out there)
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