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RS-2502 Audio System

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PhilGoyle   Audio Enthusiast [Jun 17, 2007]

sounds good, good amp has never failed me, RCA inputs, alarm clock, and the digital multifunction fluorescent display still works like new


very bad CD Player, rattling plastic around speakers, and the output was never useful to me seemed weak

RCA RS-2502 is a well sounding set up i got it for Christmas couple of years back and since then the 5 disc changer is completely broken (no fault from me), also one night when the power went out the stereo didn't come back on. My Stereo stayed in my closet for a while till one day I took it apart and checked the fuse. When i found it was busted i went to radio shack with the busted fuse and got a new one.
nice and loud for a 60 watt system I do not have a sub with it, but you can add one. Fills my room and usually i am a room over or down the hall as well. Although the speakers had this weird way of being built (crappy) and would rattle if played to loud (Bass) since there is no way i found of taking the speaker apart without doing some construction on the box i just shoved some foam in there for a quick fix. as for the features the only thing i think i really use is the RCA input to listen to computer sound. the EQ is also nice but i think it should have had more than just the basic bass (100hz), treble (10khz), and mids(1khz) selection. And the radio has to have an antenna.

Customer Service

never used it should have called and yelled about there piss poor CD Player though

Similar Products Used: some even worse Sony
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