Aiwa AWP-ZX7 CD Shelf System Mini Systems

Aiwa AWP-ZX7 CD Shelf System Mini Systems 


This stylishly designed Micro System features a vertical 5CD Slot-in Changer, MP3 Playback and a 2-Way Bass Reflex Speaker System for superb sound! Pick five of your favorite cd's, load them and start your music or movie enjoyment! AWP-ZX7 also includes a USB Port, perfect for enhancing the sound of your PC while watching your favorite DVD or playing your favorite game.


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[May 10, 2011]
Audio Enthusiast

Got a demo unit from ETLAND in Wangshimni, Seoul Korea, and I can't complain, yet... I've seen many fix it reviews out there but nothing that shows the price or rating. I'm not sure how old this unit is but it works really well, especially given the deal I got (under $100 USD or 105,000Won). The Sound is great for the price and compares nicely with the $400-$700 Yamaha units I also tested with my Samsung Mp3 player and Viao laptop. The sound is not overbearing and the cabinet design is blocky and wooden just like it should be. No problems yet with any of the components the only drawbacks are the printer style USB cable and lack of remote (demos). When turned up loud it really cranks and the i-base feature/function doesn't distort the sound like many other models. It looks pretty nice and has a nice build quality to it.

Back to the most important part; the sound, it throws down with much more expensive systems and gives my Sony Md-VR6 headphones a run for their money. I mostly have listened to it with classical FLV files and I can hear the difference between the uncompressed formats and CD's. It rocks pretty hard and doesn't sputter at the high stuff. Good range and good value. I dont know what happened to Aiwa or even if they exist anymore, but I am glad to have purchased this unit. Beats out my hi-end Logitec setup and annoys my neighbors when I turn up Handel's Sarrabande. Its a good little system and energy star compliant which is very important to me (hahahhaha)

If you find a deal on one don;t count it out because of Aiwa's past problems. They've always had great sound for the money and I would rate this much higher than the Sony, LG, or Samsung systems in the 400-700 price range.

Check it out. Worse case I've got a warranty so if it poops out on me big deal. I'll just throw the cash into an overpriced Korean LED. Best TV's in the world, best place to get the best audio, but certainly Korea gets screwed in terms of domestic prices. For the money and a good bit more I'm very happy with my purchase.

Hope Aiwa comes back on the map.

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