Denon S-101 Home Theater in a Box


  • iPod Docking Port
  • Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II decoding
  • Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone
  • Built-in RDS AM/FM tuner
  • 32-bit SHARC DSP
  • Video Conversion To Component
  • High-quality aluminium front Panel
  • On-screen Display

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robinjames   Casual Listener [Mar 11, 2006]

Stupid easy to install and use
Impressive sound for price range
On screen help menu
Built-In DVD


No component video switching
Only 1 optical input
Only 2 a/v inputs, third is audio only

Nice Looking system! I am the type that would sacrfice a small amount of performance for looks, but in this case it wasn't necessary. It was by far the easy HT install i've ever done! The speakers plug into the subwoofer, which the amplifier is housed in. They have fancy connectors on the end so you cant reverse the polarity, but you can unscrew them and replace the cables if you wanted to upgrade them. There is a cable that runs to the receiver from the subwoofer (looks like a computer parrallel cable) which you hook up, and inputs in the back of the receiver for the items you're connecting. When you first turn it on there is a setup menu but there was nothing i needed to change. I used some Monster Standard SPDIF cables to hook up my DVD and satellite receiver. I didn't have to assign the inputs as they were already labelled. The Dolby Virtual Surround is very impressive. I know what good HT sounds like as I used to live with a roomate who had a $1800 Marantz receiver and about $3000 in speakers, so I know what i'm missing, but it sounds great for the price. It sounds great with the volume low or high, and it really does sound like you have more speakers! It also has a button on the remote labelled 'help' which if pressed brings up a visual with a list of choice (play dvd, play mp3 cd, listen to tuner, watch aux 1, watch aux 2, etc.... which is priceless for the girlfriend. I can find my way around an HT system fairly well but for the ladies this is great. When I can scape up some more moeny I will eventually upgrade, but this will definately be kept for my bedroom or office when I do. It's a great investment. My only complaint is the lack of inputs. I know it has a built-in DVD player, but not as compatible as my own. So with my DVD and satellite receiver plugged in, I cant have my XBOX or PS2 plugged in as well.... There is a third input but it is audio only.

Customer Service

Best Buy was great but I can get easily annoyed with them plugging theire service plan every minute. Denon already has a great warranty package for it. you don't need to spend the extra money!

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