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Sensory Science CL-25 DVD Players 


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[Sep 17, 2001]


Excellent Sound : Stereo and Surround


DTS,Progressive. CD-R supports but who cares ?

I was looking for a DVD with great sound (stereo and HomeTheater) and this is exactly what I got with a CL-25. I bought the CL-25 (12/2000) because for the price. it gives an excellent sound. I listened to some DVD players before I bought this one (Rotel, Marantz, Sony ES9000, Pioneer). The CL-25 was the smoothness of its sound in the extreme high frequency range and its overall resolution and presentation. It sounds un-CD like. Amazingly fine grain. Great deep and wide soundstage, dynamic, great resolution, very smooth. I realy love this machine. I could listen constantly without any fatigue on the ears which was not the case with others DVDs. Even compared to a good rated DVD player such as the SONY PVPS9000ES, the CL-25 out performed. The sound produced by the CL-25 in the high frequency is so much smoother than the DVPS9000ES. Do a test and I bet that you will hear the difference. The only missing feature is the DTS but as long as the sound is excellent, who cares ?

On the video side, the CL-25 produces a very sharp picture with no smeering or artifacts. It's operation is smooth and completely silent. Very well built. I give it five stars and recommend it to anyone. Progressive is the only missing feature but when time will come (bying a HDTV), I perfer to buy a real good LineDoubler such as DVDO iSCAN Pro. It will definitly give me much more fexibility (DVD, VHS, Satellite, Cable, etc) and contrast control. One last point regarding the video, the CL-25 produces , to my opinion, a much better image than the Sony DVPS9000ES. I prefer better contrast and on that aspect, I like what I see with the CL-25.

I must add that this DVD produces an amazing sound with a Classe SSP-75. Sound separation is simply incredible. Try it and I garanty that you will love it. Get JAZZ AT THE PAWNSHOP ( PRCD 7778 )and give it a try. Regarding CD-R and DTS support, if it is really a concern for you then go for the DVD CL-2500 from CAL which, internally is the same machine, plus better 96Khz sampling, DTS and CD-R support but at a higher price.

Pre-Amp : Classe SSP-75
Amp : ATI-2505
Center : Martin Logan Theater
Front Right/Left : Magnepan 2.6R
Back Right/Left : Magnepan MGMC1
Sub : 2 x PS2200
DVD : CL-25
Speaker Cabling : Analisys Plus Oval9
Inter-Connect : MIT T2
Planning to change front speakers with Magnepan 3.6R
Planning to change Subs with M&K.

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