Samsung DVD-V3650 DVD Players


  • plays DVD-Video discs, DVD-Rs, and DVD-RWs
  • plays CDs, CD-Rs & CD-RWs, MP3 & WMA discs, and JPEG CDs
  • 27MHz/10-bit video D/A converter
  • selectable interlaced/progressive-scan component video output (progressive scan requires an HD-compatible TV)
  • optical and coaxial digital outputs for Dolby Digital/DTS/PCM
  • composite video out for DVD/VCR; S-video & component video for DVD only
  • 3D Sound for enhanced 2-speaker sound

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sew3663   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 21, 2004]

Progressive Scan, Remote, all kinds of digital output options.


Menus are cumbersome

I was looking to simplify my stereo cabinet, because I had 6 components and a nest full of wires knotted together, but I didn't want to sacrifice the flexibility and quality of my system. I decided to buy a DVD/VCR and reduce some of the clutter and free up some space. I have to be honest, I came across this Samsung V3650 strictly because of price. I was about to purchase a Sony from Best Buy when as I was on my way out of the store, I saw this on the scratch/dent table with no remote or manual. I made sure that I had a money-back-guarantee, then brought it home. I hooked it up and programmed the Samsung code in my remote and started it up. Since I had no remote or manual, my one-for-all hardly had any of the functions necessary and I couldn't find out what feature was where in the on-screen menu, but it worked and that was all I cared about. I scoured the internet for another one and found a seller on ebay that had a price I couldn't refuse. I now was the proud owner of two V3650's for the price of one and I had a remote and manual with which to figure them out. If you were looking towards this review to compare whether or not to buy this DVD/VCR over other brands models, I'm afraid I am not as much of an audio/video-phile necessary to put it into words. The VCR functions well and the programming is a snap, as is any VCR with on-screen menus. The record quality is what I'd expect from a VCR and the display is pretty good, all things considered. The DVD playback is very good, although I had it hooked up through the coax cable instead of the S-video or component ones (in order to reduce my number of wires, the coax is the only hookup where you can view both the DVD and VCR through one cable to one location). The optical digital output functions well and when I selected the digital audio output in the on-screen menu, my receiver immediately switched from pro-logic to recognizing DTS. Very nice. The remote is one of the most well laid out ones I've seen in a while (I'm comparing it to my horrid Yamaha HTR-5150 Receiver one ). All of the major functions can be accessed with a button, and there are tons of buttions (translating to mean more features). It seems as though I don't even need to be aiming in the direction of the unit for it to pick up what button I'm pressing. This is the first DVD player I've come across where selecting the bitstream audio output actually caused my receiver to go into digital mode and the difference was outstanding. I was watching The World is Not Enough and I actually thought the rain in the background was really outside. I had to double check to make sure it was sunny. The unit has Coax and Optical audio outputs and S-Video and Component outputs to cover most everything. It does not have 5.1 outputs, but if you have an optical cable going to your receiver, it shouldn't bother you. All of these digital outputs are only available for the DVD side. The VCR has to be viewed from the Coax (RF) or RCA outputs (which is why I have my DVD video through the RF cable to simplify things). The main reason I decided to write this review was because I had to return one of these because the VCR portion ate my tape about 2 months into using it. After that, the screen would just display snow. I returned it and they didn't have any more V3650's, but gave me a Samsung V4600. I was happy that I got the newer, "better" model. I have to say, DON'T GET THE V4600!! It has numerous quirks that are only present because Samsung wanted to save some money. First of all, you can no longer view the DVD player through the Coax (RF) cable. You need to hook the DVD and VCR up seperately, which wastes an extra input to your TV or Receiver. Second, there is no Optical output, even though Samsung's literature says so. That really bugs me. Third, there is no timer light to indicate whether or not you have the VCR set to record. Fourth, you have to manually switch to and from "Line" when you want to switch from cable to the DVD/VCR. Fifth, the remote has no previous channel button. Sixth, the "Zoom" feature is no longer on the remote, but in the menu three levels down. Seventh, when you are watching a DVD with multiple viewing angles, the little camera in the corner is always there, it won't go away. These things alone are enough to drive you crazy, but in a newer, "Better" model of one that had none of these annoyances is unforgivable.

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