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HDV5000 DVD Player

Experience the hottest new DVD technology—hi-def DVD! Introduced in 2006, hi-def DVDs are completely different than the standard DVDs you're used to. The resolution of an ordinary DVD video is 480i or 480p, while an HD-DVD offers 720p or 1080i resolution—so HD-DVD is at least two times clearer than ordinary DVD! To watch DVDs in hi-def, you'll need an HDTV. Once you're hooked up, get ready to enjoy unsurpassable picture clarity and quality.

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David Wenrich   AudioPhile [Oct 18, 2006]

Can update units firmware with Toshiba firmware.
No layer change detected on any DVD.
HDMI output.
5.1 rca audio outputs
Standard DVD upconversion to 720p or 1080i (HDMI output)
Can play DVD-r and DVD+r media


Can not play PAL. even if disc is region 0
RCA customer support.
Slow Startup time from power on.
Slow load time of DVD's
Can not have any characters in screen name or password to access the internet.
Must be letters only!

Upscales standard DVD's with an outstanding picture quality.
HD DVD's look and sound pefect.
If your receiver does not have HDMI but does have 5.1 rca jacks than this player is for you. This will allow you to have True HD audio. Second gen unit from Toshiba will not have the rca jacks. The only way to get the True HD audio will be with the HDMI cable connected to a HDMI receiver.
I was able to pick this unit up at a low clearence price hence my value rating is a 5. Overall rating is a 4 (see weeknesses and customer service)

Customer Service

Contacted RCA for firmware update disc and have not received it.
This was after I spent a half hour on the phone explaing what I needed.
They are clueless at RCA Customer Service.

Similar Products Used: None, this is a first gen unit.
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