Panasonic DVD RP61S DVD Players


- Progressive scanning (480P) output for true-to-film picture playback of DVD movie discs.
- 54MHz/10-bit video D/A converter uses 54MHz oversampling to help bring out the amazing picture quality offered by progressive-scan DVD players.
- Picture control (Brightness, Color, Contrast, Sharpness).
- Switchable component video out (480P/480I).
- Advanced surround (V.S.S.) allows for a remarkable surround sound effect even while only using the front two speakers.
- Headphone surround (V.S.S.) provides great sound even with headphones.
- Cinema mode for cinema-like luminance and color with improved detail even in dark scenes.
- Dialogue enhancer makes the dialogue channel clearly audible over the other sound channels.
- Built-in DTS & Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel surround decoder with speaker setting delivers crisp, theater-like sound.
- Disc stabilizer for improved playability.
- Shuttle dial control on unit.
- Still picture display (I/P/B) freezes an image to allow for precise picture quality adjustments.
- Auto switching field/frame till for added versatility.
- Frame dvance (Forward & Reverse) for incredible control.
- Black level control.
- 192kHz/24-bit audio D/A converter provides greater sampling rates and bit depths than standard audio formats for amazing fidelity and sound quality.
- Audio only function (Video Circuit OFF).
- Optical digital out.
- Headphone jack with volume control.
- Dynamic range compression.
- CD-R/RW playback.
- Twin laser pickup for DVD/CD playback.
- Chapter preview helps to refresh your memory of a movie by showing you the first 3 seconds of each previously viewed chapter.
- Hi-speed smooth motion scan: 5 speed up to x100 allows crystal clear scan quality while locating desired locations on a disc.
- On-screen menu icons to help guide operation.
- Energy Star Compliant for low energy output.

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DeanH   Casual Listener [Nov 08, 2003]

Good picture quality Zoom feature


Questionable mechanical integrity - my unit failed in 11 months of moderate use.

As a first-time DVD player owner of this Panasonic Model DVD-RP62, I had been very satisfied until it quit working. The picture quality seemed excellent, controls were a bit complicated, but manageable, and an aspect-ratio optional zoom feature allowed full-screen TV format. My disappointment came when 1 month before the 12-month warranty expired, the spindle mechanism went out. The non-warranted labor on the repair would cost $85. Perhaps this problem was a fluke, but it made me question the mechanical integrity of this product.

Similar Products Used: None
rkbryan   Audio Enthusiast [Jun 17, 2002]

Excellent Picture and Sound, WINDOWS compatible (long filenames/directory retention)for MP3 burned discs. BEST MP3 support I've seen yet. Step up from the highly rated RP56 for LESS $$$$


The REMOTE is crap!!! Panasonic (or Technics) have yet to design an ergonomically friendly remote. Layout is bad and many critical buttons are too small and too close to one another.

This is actually a 2002 model(mfg'd MAY 2002). Bought this to replace my (old) Toshiba SD4709X, which was a software compatibility nightmare from day 1. PANASONIC has hit the mark with this low cost progressive scan model. As for the progressive scan mode, I was already running color stream video from my 4109x to my Toshiba HD TV so the difference wasn't that apparent but it did exist (noticible tone/color improvement). A larger difference can be noticed if swithing from S-video to progressive. An added plus is the menu system (nice) and the MP3 support. I have not seen a player of this cost that handles MP3 as well. The player is MS Windows compatible (for file structure and naming). What does this mean to you? Well if your like me and have PC disks w/ over 200 MP3's, you retain the directory structure and FULL file name (up to and over 100 characters long. I have not yet seen a player that displays full MP3 filenames (for under $600). I've read many reviews on systems where users had playability problems with MP3's downloaded from the WEB. All of mine (1000++) are 128K to CD quality web downloads, and I have not found one that will not play. I was about to buy the RP56 at Best Buy ($219) when I stumbled across this player. This is the RP56 w/ many better features and a cleaner look. This is a the new 2002 model which to date does not appear on Panasonics web site(still promote the 56). Add to the list that this player is $40 cheaper and you can't go wrong. I own about 35 DVD's (half of which exhibited software issues on my Toshiba). Tested all, and all passed. Suprisingly, the quality of CD-Audio appears to reproduce with more range than from my SONY CD CHANGER. Player also supports VCD, CD-R/RW, and DVD-R(only guaranteed if recorded on PANASONIC DVD writer). For those who may require it the player also has a built in DOLBY DIGITAL decoder. Despite what preliminary WEB adds say, THERE IS NO DTS decoder. As my receiver does all decoding, I have not tested this feature or outputs other than Component Video and Optical digital.

Similar Products Used: Toshiba SD-4109X (1999 model- CRAP)
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