Mitsubishi DD-4030 DVD Players


Mitsubishi's DD-4030 is a high-quality, easy-to-use single-disc DVD player that has a reasonable price.

The simple black case has an LED display that indicates what function the player is involved in, along with basic button controls. The rear panel has S-video, component video, and A/V outputs, so that regardless of what type of inputs your TV has, this player can accommodate them. A dimmer for the LED display and a screen saver to prevent image burn-in add to the convenience of this entry-level DVD player.

The picture quality is best when you use component video outputs with a similarly equipped TV, but even A/V outputs produce a sharp, clear picture. Widescreen and standard formats can be conveyed to your TV, with a choice of letterbox or full screen if the format of the content does not match the shape of your screen. Navigation through a DVD is simple, with searching by title or chapter, or by time. You can move forward or backward at three speeds, with audio on the 2X fast-forward to help you find a particular spot on the DVD. Still and frame advance/reverse allow very finely tuned viewing.

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sevendust1276   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 22, 2003]

Looks great, auto dimmer,black enhance, digital outs,great value!!!



I bought this DVD player for bedroom tv.Prior to owning this I used my PS2 to watch DVD's in room, WOW what a difference!! The PS2 is a hell of game systme but a crappy DVD player, this DVD player is the best non progressive scan player I have yet to see. I also own the DD-6020 for HDTV. The fetures the 4030 has are awsome, Black enhance, screensaver,has PCM/Bitstream outs, also y,pbr,pb outs,auto dimmer, Easy to navigate through mitsu's menu. I am very happy to have purchased this DVD player!!

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