Denon DVD-5910 DVD Players


  • HDCD decoding
  • Advanced AL24 Processing
  • 24/96 compatible digital outputs - optical and coaxial
  • SRS TruSurround
  • PCM and DSD Compatible IEEE-1394 Out/In ports

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gjpham   AudioPhile [Jul 13, 2008]

This is a review for Denon 5910.(New $3.5K, used ~ $1.5K) . Please not that It is NOT the latest version, 5910Ci. The Ci models have 1080p and the regular ones (non-Ci) have 1080i. Well, for a broader point of view, let’s compare it back to back with my Pioneer Elite 79AVi (new $1K, used ~$350) that I’ve been using.
First off, the 5910 don’t play burn DVDs as well as the Elite 79AVi. It skips and acts up to the point that it’ll freeze up completely. However, the 5910 plays original disks flawlessly. The Elite79, on the other hand, will play anything you through at it.
Put both players in 2-ch listening, the 5910 has more focused, less noise, and better bass. I won’t state that the 5910 has a warmer sound but surely the Elite79 was brighter. To get accurate results, I tested out many diff tracks, many diff types of music to pin point out differences between the two players, and they were minimal. However, the 5910 is more musical than the Elite79. I give the 5910 a conservative 10 to 20% better in 2-ch listening.
As for SACD, both players play nicely. I kind of favor a bit more to the Elite79. With only 1 SA disk avail. (Diana Krall) to test out, the gap of differences was closer. I now can say that the Denon 5910 has a warmer sound, not in a good way at some parts.
As for movies, I use digital Toslink connection for full sound effects of 5.1. If chip set and CPU hold an important in processing sounds then Denon did a much BETTER job in sound effects. I’m giving it 20 to 40% better sound than the Elite 79 in dynamic and well defined especially in action movies. A moving train, a flying plane, or a slammed door side effects are clearly better than the Elite79.
As for video quality, I was very disappointed with the 5910 at first. But after I played around and added more colors, blackness, chrome, hue, and sharpness, the 5910 changed its look dramatically; it’s now, somewhat, met my standard expectation, but not to exceeding the Elite79’s video quality. Remember to play around with your video pictures or you may find a white hazing, picture noise, and poor colorful display on your TV.
The Denon 5910 is a heavy monster, it is listed close to 42 pounds and at the same time, its engine noise is much quieter than the Elite79. As for universal player, the Denon 5910 was on my top list so there you go. I have reached my dream now let me be outter here and go back to my little paradise if you know what I mean.

. So, does the Elite 79AVi sound better in analog 2-ch and digital 5.1?
= No, impossible

. Does the 79AVi have better video quality?
= Yes, very possible

. Best bang for the bucks?
= Elite 79AVi

If you are in budget and don’t have a “golden ears”, I’d highly recommend the Elite 79AVi player over the Denon 5910….. But as lwe all know, wealthy people or serious audiophiles ca nafford much more to get that little differences.... just to be safe, right?

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JulioSpartacus   AudioPhile [Jun 07, 2005]

Digital Bass management. HDMI output DVDO scaler Burr Brown DAC's Big Buffer for quick layer changes


None. This is the flagship - the measuring stick by which all other players are judged.

This is it. Hands down, the finest DVD player on the face of the earth. Coupled with a great HDMI cable, like that from: ,and a killer receiver (Like a Denon AVR 5805), and you have a stellar system that few rigs can touch. It plays anything you can throw at it, DVD's DVD-Audio, SACD, Redbook CD, HDCD, photo (.jpg) CD's, etc. It has full bass management as well. It also features a built in DVDO scaler. Simultaneous DVI and HDMI output can occur. In short, this player produces the finest picture I have yet seen produced by ANY DVD player, and its DVD-Audio and SACD reproduction is top shelf. Shimmering highs and deeper, tighter bass are the end result, all managed in the digital domain yet with analog smoothness. It does it all, and it is perfect for those wanting a total solution. Here are the specs from Denon: Details: » plays DVD video, DVD-R & DVD-RW, DVD+R & DVD+RW, and Video CD » plays audio CD, CD-R & CD-RW, MP3 and WMA CD-R & CD-RW, DVD-Audio, and SACD » plays photo CDs (JPEG), Kodak Picture CDs, and Fujicolor CDs » Realta HQV decoding engine » DVDO-HD 10-bit scaling » 10-bit Denon Pixel Image Correction (DPIC) » THX® Ultra certified » dual, discrete 14-bit/216MHz video DACs (8x oversampling for progressive-scan playback, 16x oversampling for interlaced scan) » selectable interlaced/progressive-scan component video output (progressive-scan requires an HD-compatible TV) » 8MB buffer memory for quick layer change » HDCD® decoding » AL 24 Processing Plus for all channels » Five Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit audio DACs » Dolby® Digital/DTS® decoding » digital bass management for 5.1-channel and HDMI output » Pure Direct Modes » HDMI interface with multichannel audio & DVI digital video output with HDCP copy protection (selectable 480p, 720p, 1080i output) » simultaneous DVI and HDMI output » Denon Link jack (RJ-45 jack connects to compatible components via the supplied shielded twisted-pair cable) » dual IEEE-1394 ports (for transfer of digital audio only) » optical and coaxial digital audio outputs » 2 sets of A/V outputs (composite, S-video, and component video); one component video out uses BNC jacks » RS-232C and remote in/out ports » backlit remote control » audio signal-to-noise ratio 125 dB » 17-1/8"W x 6-3/4"H x 18-7/16"D » warranty: 1 year parts and labor » designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs If you have the means, why buy anything else?

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