RCA 900 Mhz Wireless Wireless Heaphones

RCA 900 Mhz Wireless Wireless Heaphones 


With RCA Wireless 900 MHz Headphones, you don't even have to be in the same room with your stereo. The 900 MHz signal can pass through walls, floors, and carry outside of your home up to 125 ft. That means you have the freedom to work or relax wherever you wish without the problem of being connected to cords or carrying around a portable system. The lightweight design and adjustable headband make the fit so comfortable that you will hardly notice you have them on, as you move freely about your home. Also, the unique compact base serves as both a charger and a stand. Add some freedom to your life with this innovation from the RCA brand.


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[May 06, 2003]
Audio Enthusiast


Good design, good quality sound, good wireless performance.


Weak design, Cheap design, probably wouldnt be good for anyone who intends on using them for a long period of time, or for anyone who plays a lot of games. They'll probably break within a week of gaming.

I just bought a new pair of "AR wireless 900 mhz headphones" that appear sleek, comfortable, and high quality; yet I'm about to be turned off to them by a MAJOR flaw! This would be the tiny little piece of plastic that holds the speaker part of the headphones into place, connecting the head frame to the actual speakers, which will break under the slightest pressure. And that is NOT an over exadgeration. Any of you just buying one, Just pick it up sideways, and it will likely snap under its own weight!! I hope that nobody with a big head expects anything but breaking both sides when they go to put the headphones on. Definatly not a good choice of design there, and definatly not worth the $130! ^^

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