Panasonic WF820 Wireless Heaphones


Wireless/cordless Headphones with headset stand that is charger as well as transmiter of FM signal. 3 frequencies to choose.
Sound range is 20Hz to 22Khz aprox
Battery AAA x 2 rechargeable, Life 20 hours
Transmits 100 metres

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Crowbar1963   Casual Listener [Dec 08, 2009]

These were an unexpected surprise after spending considerably more on others then only to return them soon after. I tryed Senhieser RS130's which had Fm signal to a so called 100 metres but interference showed within 25, though to no major disruption. what was a big deal was a dominent upper mid frequency that when sounds hit into this area felt quite frankly, irritating . Also the stereo positioning of instruments was kinda vague, which all added up to a crowded, clowdy, mentally demanding listen. I will happily say nice build quality
Then looked at the What Hi-Fi award winning Beyerdynamic RXS700 digital signaled phones. For sure a superior sound but signal was far to willing to break up and cut out. Was as limited as infra-red light signal which ment they were fine in the same room in view of the transmitter but not able to send through glass well or through walls even less. At £145 build quality was most disapointing.
Then I thought I'd check out these Panasonics. First obvious thing was the strongest signal. Uninterfeared, clean throughout home and garden. Sound was a little bottom heavy to my preference and adjusting the amps tone pots gave simple resolve. An unfatigueing listen that will generally score high in the world of cordless Hphones. Well placed tuniing and volume dials too. Build quality is medium standard and certainly above the RXS700's. Its well known fact corded high end phones way excel wireless phones but the WF820's do have a special edge amungst the cord free and this is regardless of thier best value for money.

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