Amphony H2000 Wireless Heaphones


Model 2000 Digital Wireless Headphones from Amphony combine the best of headphone technology with the best of wireless audio transmission technology. As a result, this model achieves audiophile sound reproduction and eliminates any noise or audio distortion by using digital audio transmission.The audio data is transmitted to the headphones without applying any audio compression or sample rate conversion.

The transmitter provides fully digital audio interfaces in order to eliminate any unnecessary digital-to-analog or analog-to-digital conversion and achieves unsurpassed signal-to-noise ratio.The audio data is transmitted to the headphones without applying any audio compression or sample rate conversion.A noise shaping filter which is part of the headphones removes any quantization noise from the audible frequency band.The Model 2000 features velours ear cushions to maximize comfort as well as battery charging bays to keep your headphones working at any time.

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Bari   Audio Enthusiast [Aug 30, 2003]

Lightweight, comfortable (though hot)


Lots of plastic with potentially weak construction points; Fair to poor sound quality; High sensitivity to interference and other sources of noise and drop-out

Living in an apartment I have lots of extraneous noise I can't control, and can't crank up the speakers. After poor experiences years ago with wireless headphones, my interest and wallet were ready for another round. The new amphony digitals seemed a possible answer; relatively expensive (had to be good, right?) and different technology. The phones are lightweight and comfortable although my ears were sweating within minutes. Construction was a bit too much plastic for phones of this price. The battery doors in each ear piece are hard to open and rotate on plastic hinges. I could see them breaking within weeks but I didn't keep these phones long enough to find out. Plugged them all in for the moment of truth....and yes they worked ..... as long as I was within 10 feet of the transmitter. Sound quality was OK, about the same as a $30-50 pair of wired phones. Sound was muddy and compressed. The major problem though was interference and drop out. If I moved more than 12-15 feet away from the transmitter, even with direct line of sight, crackles, loud pops, and signal drop out would quickly develop. These aren't occasional. They occur about every 10-15 seconds. Moving the transmitter, changing input signals, adjusting output strengths had no effect. If you try to move outside of line of sight, expect near-continuous crackling within 15-20 feet. Conclusion: Speakers are better than phones and wired phones are infinitely better than wireless. Yep, I had to learn this again. System: NAD C370 IAmp Rotel ACD 1070 CD player

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