Sony MDR RF975RK Wireless Over-Ear

Sony MDR RF975RK Wireless Over-Ear 


Sony's MDR-RF975RK 900 MHz RF Wireless Headphone System allows you to move in and outside your house while you enjoy the luxury of music and TV sound. You can even crank up the volume late at night without disturbing the family.

Featuring a comfortable closed Circumaural Headphone, an easy rechargeable battery system, a noise reduction transmission system, and an AM/FM transmission system to resist static and distortion for higher fidelity, the MDR-RF975RK is a great buy!


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[Jan 07, 2002]
Audio Enthusiast


Automatically tunes at the push of a button. No fiddling with an analog dial.

Li-Ion batteries are built in and sealed into the headphones. The documentation says they can go 25 hours on a single 24 hour charge, so far they have no problem going for 9 or 10 hour stretches.

Charger is conveniently built into the transmitter, which is shaped like a cradle. This design adds to the life of the headphones by encouraging the user to carefully replace them when not in use.

Headphones turn on when placed on head and turn off automatically when removed - great battery saver.


Batteries are sealed in. If you were to run the charge dry, you can't put in backup batteries to keep going.

I bought these headphones to replace a pair of old Sennheisers that I had and they're fantastic. Perfectly tuned sound all the time, no fiddling with analog tuner knobs, no worrying about the batteries draining because you left them on when you set them down.

Generally, I'd grown used to mediocre sound with occasional pass in and out of static from previous wireless RF headphones, but these headphones are 100% static free. I do notice slight distortion when listening to certain types of music based on heavy bass with heavy treble synths - it'll sound a little like the bass starts to undulate. Giving the headphones the benefit of the doubt, I am playing MP3's here, so it could be related to the MP3's themselves, or the decoder I'm using.

For game use, these headphones rule! I played 14 hours of Final Fantasy 10 through these and nary a crackle or hiss. Perfect!

I'm comtemplating picking up a second set of these headphones for use at home now.

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