Sennheiser HD 280 Over-Ear

HD 280

The HD 280 PRO are closed-back, circumaural headphones designed for professional monitoring applications.

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Pat D   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 19, 2012]

I don't actually know the model year, but these phones have been around for about 10 years according to HeadRoom. I got mine about 3 years ago or so.

I picked them out based on the data at HeadRoom, since there are not many good headphones sold locally. They describe them as very neutral, favorites among sound engineers. The frequency response graphs showed a very even response, with excellent sound isolation. They describe them as very tough, as befits professional headphones. They are quite sensitive, easily driven by a computer sound card. The main downside is that many people find they fit rather tightly.

They have very good sound isolation, almost as good as ordinary industrial ear protectors, and sometimes i use them to cut down the noise of the vacuuum cleaner or some kitchen appliance which mix or chop up things.

When I got them, I found them pretty much as described and I really liked them. They do fit a bit tightly at first, but they will loosen up some with use. The ear pads are broad and soft, and I have not found them to be uncomfortable. I tested them out pretty much as i do speakers, using recordings of full orchestra, male and female vocals, mixed chorus, and piano. I was afraid that closed phones would have too much bass for me, but they do not.

The frequency response graph at HeadRoom indicates the balance is not as warm as some other Sennheiser phones, but they are not harsh and unpleasant. If you want more warmth, there are other phones, but with these the bass is there. The balance seems to be almost the same as my Paradigm Signature S2 speakers. The are very clear and natural sounding. I can't say they give a realistic stereo image, but then headphones usually don't, although with recordings made with an model head can sound remarkably 3-D with open headphones, not so much with closed phones like these..

These headphones are as good as any I have heard and better than most. Usually i use them for listening to radio dramas on BBC Radio 4 Extra, the news and commentaries on The Young Turks, and various other things on YouTube, such as various classical singers. Right now, as I write this, I am listening to Rimky-Korsakov's Scheherezade with the Moscow Symphony - Arthur Arnold, conductor - Elena Semenova - violin on YouTube.

So I am generally very satisfied with them despite the slightly tight fit, but sometimes i think I would like some open back headphones. If you want sensitive, neutral, clear sounding phones, easy to listen to, and with good sound isolation, consider these. They are a great value for the money.

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