Koss KTX-PRO1 On-Ear


These Binaural Headphones with stereo sound are designed for portable audio system.The headphones feature a response bandwidth of 15 - 25000 Hz and Impedance of 60 Ohm. The integrated audio cable is 4 ft. long.

  • Frequency response 15-25,000 Hz
  • Titanium Coated High Polymer Titanium Diaphragm for Accurate Sound Reproduction
  • Foam Ear Cushions for Open Hear Through Sound
  • Volume Control on Cord for Easy Level Adjustment
  • Reliable L Plug for Improved Durability and Reliability

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Gruijter   AudioPhile [Feb 14, 2005]

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When you are reading reviews of this headphone you are probably looking for an inexpensive but excellent sounding portable headphone, if this is the case then read on! I own and compared 4 portable headphones that I own. The Koss KSC-35 which is still available and not discontinued as is often mentioned (it’s 2005 as I write this review), the now discontinued Koss KSC-50 (which is succeeded by the KSC-75), Koss KTX-pro1 and Sennheiser PX-100). These are all relative cheap headphones (max $40.-) and absolutely the best value in headphones UNDER $100.- including the in-ear types such as ‘Koss The Plug’. The Sennheiser PX100 takes 4th place. This headphone has a lower sensitivity (99dB/1mW (@32 Ohms = 114dB/1Veff) than the Koss headphones but one must keep in mind that the impedance is of importance here because when a voltage is applied that dissipates 1 mW into a 60 Ohm headphone the PX100 will produce a sound level of 101.5 dB with this same voltage. In practice this output level will most likely be somewhat lower because each headphone amp has a certain output resistance varying with make and model over which a part of the available voltage will fall. This sensitivity is enough for portable players with only 1 or 2 batteries (this mostly determines the available output voltage together with the output resistance of the headphone amp) to be able to drive these headphones loud enough. Most headphones do NOT have such a high sensitivity (higher impedance), which is a must for portable equipment. The sound is pretty good and open but a tiny bit ‘muffled’ and not as ‘open’ when compared to the 3 Koss headphones. The PX 100 has low distortion and a ‘flat’ (meaning no excessive peaks or dips) frequency response with a gradual decline of the highs translating in less ‘clarity’ and ‘openness’. The fit is comfortable because the elements can tilt in any direction and will therefore perfectly adapt to the shape of your ears. The foldable PX100 comes with a rather big but sturdy carrying case. The PX100 feels a bit flimsy because of it’s foldable design but is sturdier than it feels and has a nice look to it. The cord, however, is very thin and feels as it may break easily. 3rd place goes to the Koss KTX-pro1, which has the highest sensitivity (103 dB/1mW @ 60Ohms) and an extra volume control in the cord. The sound quality is overall somewhat better then the PX100, more open and more probnounced lows (maybe a tad in the direction of being boomy) and ‘cleaner’ and ‘crisper’ highs and equally low distortion and falls of a little in the highs too like the PX100 making it sound a tad boomy. The looks of this headphone do not appeal to me as much as the Sennheiser does. The cord is thicker and the headphone feels more solid because it is not foldable but the fit is the worst of the 4 headphones because the elements can only tilt in one direction and therefore put more pressure on the back of the ears than on the front which may be uncomfortable after a certain time. 2nd place is for the Koss KSC50 (101 dB/1mW @ 60Ohms), which sounds better than the KTX-pro1 and PX100 especially in the highs where it is superior and more open and flat. The bass is less pronounced than the KTX-pro1’s. The earclip design takes some getting used to but is actually much more comfortable than headband headphones because these headphones do not press your ears against your head they also do not fall off your ears you can even jog with them. The Koss KSC35 (101 dB/1mW @ 60Ohms) is the winner because of it’s comfortable fit over the ears (probably the new KSC75 will fit equally well as the KSC35 not yet tested). The KSC35 is soundwise (almost ?) identical to the KSC50 (the same driver). Although the KSC50 feels sturdier than the flimsy feeling KSC35 I prefer the KSC35 over the other headphones in fit, tonal quality and openness and comes much closer to my Sennheiser HD650 which I regard as a reference headphone.

Similar Products Used: Sennheiser: HD400 HD414 HD497 HD250-II HD580, HD590, HD600, HD650, PX100, Koss: KSC19 KSC35 KSC50 KTX-pro1, The Plug, Beyerdynamic: HD330, HD770, HD880, HD990. Stax electret headphone, Sony and Technics earbuds and various other cheap and more expensive headphones
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