Denon AH-C360 In-Ear


AH-C360 silver featuring Denon s latest earphone technologies, the AH-C360 comes equipped with our exclusive Radial Cascade Damper system, which minimizes cable-transmitted vibration noise, for superior fidelity while on-the-go. Denon s Acoustic Optimizer technology balances the sound pressure in front of and behind the diaphragm for the most neutral tonal balance along with superior deep bass detail.

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William P   AudioPhile [Mar 25, 2012]

Well... I'm not sure where to start, but i'll do so anyway.

I've been looking for some nice headphones that I could use, and price i'd pay for them was of course an important factor to consider. My first headphones that I have had used were Sony's, neckband style and in ear, both of them stopped working after half a year. I was quite dissapointed with their reliability.
Upon searching online, Denon AH-C360 were quite fitting in price and looked solid. Mine were black not grey...
(What i can tell you)
These headphones are wonderful for all types of music, bass is tight and very well defined, mids are clear and highs are crystal without putting any strain on your ear. Opera, new age, chill, rap, rock, were the types of genres I was listening to, and everything sounded grand for me!!! I've loved these headphones and enjoyed listening to everything on them. I've tried my cousins Skull Candy in-ear headphones that he bought which offered extended bass, and they were horrible. Bass was completely overblown, mids were ok and highs were almost absent.
These are wonderful in-ear headphones, and for the price the Denon company definitely offers a wonderful value!!


Oh... Did I catch your attention?? You're probably thinking, " Oh man.. he's found a CON on these sets, and here I was thinking I found the perfect headphones " haha... no, unfortunately nothing is ever perfect in life, and probably you should've realized this by the time you got over your puberty.

Here is the (con). - I decided to put it in lowercase letters, not to scare you away. -
I'm the kind of person who values what he has, and takes care of his personal electronics. I don't go along with the whole consumerism as soon as something new pops out, it's the " I gotta have it!!! " no... If I buy something, I observe, review, and think hard on it and decide whether my money is worth it or not. When I do buy, I try to keep it as long as I can, basically in other words. As long as it serves it's purpose and does what I want it to do, I have no reason to buy something better than what I have.

Anywho... pardon for the long explanation, i'll get to the point right now.

These headphones lasted me only 2.5 years. Yes, only 2.5 years. I'm not quite sure if that's a good amount or not, but I my expectations were a bit higher. Value of price, quality, design, and sound??? I'd say it's perfect. I just would've wished that they stayed with me for about another 4 or 5 years. The section where the cord is wrapped by the tip of the rubber coming down from the housing, it detiorates, and one side just stopped working. It distorted a bit as I moved the cable around, so my assumption was that the cable slightly disconnected over time. Which is quite typical I guess IMO for many headphones.

So, it is up to you my fellow friend, to decide whether you would like to buy these headphones or not.
I liked them, however everyones expectation is different...

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