Koss HP6 Portable Stereophones Headphones

Koss HP6 Portable Stereophones Headphones 


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[Jun 02, 2001]
Miguel Pimentel
Casual Listener


VERY cheap.
Volume control on cord.
Fairly decent base for size.


Cord too short.
Unimpressive midrange.

Well i bought these at Sears which is NOT a place to get headphones from. Nevertheless they were the last ones and seemed nice plus they were on special at $6.95 so I gave them a try. I connected them directly to my trusty SB Live soundcard and started my own personal audio benchmark (especially for testing cans)which is "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. The first thing i noticed is the annoyingly short cord (4') which is not strange considering how cheap they are. I cranked up the volume and started listening. The sound was flat at best. Vocals were there, but not at all open. It seemed dull and opaque, as if there were no highs or something. I turned up the equalizer so it accentuated 10k and above but still no "real" highs. They were there, just so mudded that it seemed as if i was listening trough wet pillows. The bass was a bit better, but not by much. It handeled full volume from the card withought crackling or popping. Thats about the only compliment i can give these. Buy these if you have 7 bucks to thorw away...litterally. Or maybe give the money to the needy or something. That would be a better investment and in the long run probably help Koss to realize they shouldnt put out this crap. Go get yourself some cheap Grado's or Sennheisers if you want good sound.

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