Goldring DR150 Headphones

Goldring DR150 Headphones 


The DR-150 is a dynamic, open-back headphone design with exceptional soundstaging capabilities, great dynamics and extremely low distortion levels. The DR-150 features Goldring’s titanium-film drivers for lightning fast transients and a wider dynamic range. The 10-foot detachable connecting cable is made from silver-platted Pure Oxygen Free Copper. Even the circum-aural ear cushions are super comfortable.


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[Oct 31, 2010]
Audio Enthusiast

i bought these Goldring 150s to replace a set of Grado SR80is, which although could not be faulted for sound quality, were incredibly uncomfortable to wear.
It was like wearing a pair of cheese-graters and they also over-heated so much that I had to remove them after only listening for around 15 mins.

Before the 80s I had a set of SR60s for a long time without any comfort issues at all. The updated ear foams are a disaster if you are reading this Grado!

Price-wise the Goldrings are a good match for the Grados which are very poor value if bought in the UK.. Grados cost a great deal less if bought in the USA. but they don't allow their dealers to export their products, thereby fuelling the Rip-Off- Britain debate.

I was quite disappointed with the Goldrings on listening to them straight out of the box. However, after burn-in took place, what a difference! I am really pleased with the sound now, especially the quality of the soundstage. They do require a good quality amplifier to drive them and they respond favourably to my CA 540a.

Detail is good, bass is fine for me - not boomy and quite tight - and top end is also to be praised. As already mentioned, the soundstage is excellent, and my overall impression is that I am delighted with these 'phones.

Sound quality-wise they are the equal of the Grados and are far more comfortable to wear. They appear to be solidly built and the high-quality of the detachable cord is a nice touch and typical of the thought that has gone into the design.

Excellent value but don't judge them until they are fully-burnt in.

Being something of a brand-name-freak I never expected to be praising Goldrings over Grado, but when you get over the surprise of how good they sound on listening and the comfort-factor allied to the excellent build-quality (which knocks the fragile Grados into a cocked hat), then the Goldrings are high up in the value-for-money stakes....

You might be surprised at how good they sound. I guarantee that you won't be dis-appointed.

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