Sony MDR-XB40EX Earbuds

Sony MDR-XB40EX Earbuds 


  • 13.5mm driver unit
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds
  • Flat Y-type cord
  • In-the-ear design
  • Supplied case and clip


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[Feb 23, 2010]
Audio Enthusiast

Sony MDR-XB40EX headphones.

I reccommend this headphones if u like deep and rich bass, house, drum and bass, hip-hop and other kinds of music that uses a lot of lows frequencies. They worth the money (30-40 Eur). The bass is very low and sweet. Is like you have a 500w RMS subwoofer in your brain :). The highs are good and the middle freqvencies are very good. Sorry about the sountrack of the last part of video but it seemed was lost when finaly saving the video.

I used them directly on pc audio card(creative audigy sound blaster 24bit S.E), I used with headphones preamplifier, with mp3 player and with the mobile phone. In all the situations they managed very well.

The supplied case is very well constructed. Is made in Vietnam and I guess is made in the same factory (factories) who made specialized sport equipment such adidas or nike.
The zipper is from YKK group, so is very durable. I have never broken a zipper from YKK.

The clip is very good and has a stylish design with sony logo on it but pay attention when clipping the wire and read the instructions because you can ruin the headphone wire.

Cable is long enough and is well constructed but I have the same cable on my sonyericsson charger and the cats love it and can eat your cable( maybe has a substance or something in the rubber composition who attracts cats). Pay attention on your cat not eating your cable.

The hybrid silicone earbuds are very comfortable and not affect your ears. They d'ont cause ear pain but you have a strange sensation until you get used to them(maybe they are a lil' bit heavy than others in ear headphones).

The only bad thing is that the earbuds collects (attract) more dust and dirt.

I say it one more time... I recommend these headphones those who listen to music with much bass. They sound great, if you listen classical music or vocal or even rock I reccomend to buy other headphones that are suitable for that kind of music and can rise higher in frequency and have very strong definet middles.

Note that in comparation with my woofers these headphones couln't boost sub 30Hz frequencies. For example the song from Basstronics- Bass I love u has no specific bass that can give you a woofer or subwoofer.
However the bass from thes headphones is above average to excellent.

About noise cancelling a few things. They manage very well in reducing surrounding noise, but you can talk on your mobile phone with these headphones in yout ear( Is a bad think or bad think ?!!.. for mine is a good thing :P. I think they reduce 40-50% of surrounding noise wich is pretty good, you can hear scream or car horn so they are managing good with road safety.

That's all thank for reading that stuff.

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