Sony MDR-ED21LP Earbuds


Super light design with bass booster shapeSoft rubber earpieces minimize stress on earSony Acoustic Twin Turbo?¢ circuit for enhanced sound quality16mm driver units, high power neodymium magnets.

  • Super-Light in-the-ear Headphones
  • Bass Booster Earpiece Shape
  • 16mm Driver Units
  • Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuit for enhanced sound quality
  • High-Power Neodymium magnet
  • Long bushings for durability
  • Soft Rubber ear piece minimizes stress on ear

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michael   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 31, 2007]

- full bass
- treble isn't too shrill
- you can actually hear some of the outside world if you wish (but not much if u have it full)
- you don't hear every cord movement
- there is nothing wrong with the cord; length is ok, splits centrally, no tendency to knot or anything.


- can't be used in a library at decent volume like closed in-canal headphones.
- L plug, i'd rather a straight one. no biggie.
- If you're not careful, they won't last forever.
having said that, they are no worse than normal for durability.. they're not really designed that badly (the 'Long bushings for durability' do help a bit for example), and i have come to accept that buying headphones like this will be pretty much a 'subscription' basis.

*£15 not $

These are, in my opinion, the best in-ear (including 'in canal') headphones u can buy for less than £30, and the most under-rated budget headphones i know of.
If you are looking for an 'open' design and on a budget; buy these.

I have tried the MDR EX71SL's which tended to be the ones which were recommended when i was researching. I didn't like these because
- the treble was too shrill; every time there was a hi-hat or similar on near-full volume, it actually made me blink involuntarily.
- despite cutting out external sounds, they weren't actually very loud
- every movement of the cable you could hear loudly in your ear.
- you couldn't hear your surroundings.. i kept getting the crap scared out of me by people tapping me on the shoulder whilst i was in my own world.
and yes, they did fit properly.

These are the loudest (non-cans) that i have come accross, (certainly in the sony range), which i personally feel is needed from time to time, a lot of portable sources are too quiet. The bass is stronger than most too, but i don't find it too be too much or too boomy, just provides a 'fuller' sound (/rich/warm). If u push them in a bit (u have to hold them) then u get a bit more volume, and a fuller 'better' sound still. This leads me to belive it would be a good idea to modify them so they play through ear-plugs (with the middle cut out), but i haven't yet.
They are perhaps not audiophile in sound separation, purity/clarity, and detail etc etc (obviously, considering the price), but they offer more detail than any 'consumer' speakers.. and i haven't found any colouring or anything that significantly took away from the sound. They don't have the quality to sound as good at low volumes, but no other earphone i've heard has either. It does sound somewhat as though the band is playing inside your head, atleast when u push them against ur ears.
This 'hybrid' design, allows it to have a larger driver than in-canal headphones (16mm compared to 9mm in the EX71s), whilst the 'sticky out bit' that sits in your ear (not sealed, not deep down compared to in-canal) gives much of the benefit of the in-canal design, without completely blocking out the outside world. (you can talk to people by just turning down/pausing music instead of having to take them out with the in-canal phones)

The cheapest earphones that i think could beat these are shure's E2Cs, but unfortunately i still haven't heard any yet, and think they are a tad too expensive since i know they will break too.. i will buy some quality cans (MDR 7506 maybe) for when small earphones aren't required.

Similar Products Used: pretty much every Sony headphone which costs less than, (including) the [often cited as 'best budget'] MDR-EX71SL's. All headphones which my friends owned and claimed were better, inc budget koss, panasonic etc etc.
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