Logitech Transporter Media Servers


No-compromise digital music for the truly discerning listener.

Audio performance

* Astounding analog sound: Experience astounding sound clarity. The AK4396 “Miracle DAC” delivers high dynamic range and low distortion. Low out-of-band noise allows the use of low-order output filters with higher cutoffs, preserving phase and reducing distortion in the audible band.
* High-accuracy digital sound: Transporter® offers a bit-perfect path with extremely precise timing. Clock signals are handled as precision analog signals, not as ones and zeroes. Specialized crystal oscillators, careful clock management, and linear-regulated logic supplies ensure the lowest-possible jitter throughout the system.
* Clean power: Super regulators power Transporter’s DAC and output amplifiers, offering lower output impedance, faster response, and better noise rejection than standard three-terminal regulators. You hear incredibly natural sound, with a pitch-black background and a stunning level of detail.


* Easy access to all types of digital music: Listen to music stored on your computer, browse music from your favorite online services, or tune into Internet radio broadcasts.
* TransNavâ„¢ controller: Feel your music with a dynamic tactile feedback controller that gets you quickly to any song in your music collection, no matter how large.
* Superior controls: A sleek, backlit infrared remote and dual fluorescent displays give you instant access to Transporter® from anywhere in the room.


* Quality connectors: The back panel provides a complete set of professional-grade connectors, including both balanced and unbalanced signals for Transporter’s analog and digital interfaces.
* Expand your musical empire: Add Transporter® and Squeezebox players to deliver high-quality digital music to every room in the house.
* Simple to install and operate: A wizard walks you through connecting to your home network and the Internet. An intuitive interface makes browsing and playing music easy.

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recoveryone   Audio Enthusiast [Jan 22, 2012]

Pro: The product description pretty much says it all, but I will try to put it in layman terms. First off I have been a Squeezebox user for 5 years now, I already own 3 of their classic model. The Transporter is the top of the line product/Flagship item that orignally was produce by Slim Devices and brought out by Logictech. The Transporter has a throw back look with next generation output. Digital media is here to stay and the Transporter is here to make those MP3/ACC/FLAC and so on files sound their best. As with any output device what you put in is what you will get out. Low bit rate (Kbs) files will not sound better, but using the Transporter with Flac,itunes and Mp3 rip at 192kbs (320 is ideal bit rate) level you will be hard to be able to till the difference from the CD. A computer or NAS setup is truly needed to fully enjoy what this or any other DAR can bring to your music listening life, and the endless hours of music enjoyment can be yours without compermise. For those who love running things through the smart phones, Logictech has apps for Android, Balckberry and there are apps for Win7 phones also, that will allow you to view album art, get artist bio info and even lyrics on some songs. The Transporter can be used wired or wireless and if you have other Squeezeboxes you can sync then all to play together, so no matter what room you go to you can hear the same music or have them work independently.

Drawbacks: as Stated above a computer is truly needed to run the media server software that will origanize your music collection. The Transporter can work soley off internet radio or other services like lastfm, and MOG, to name a few. But most of us like to listen to our own collection, so a computer or NAS is needed. Now speaking of the server software is where I feel to put this warning. I would recommend only those that are network and computer know how deal with it. The software can be tempermental and only a fairly newer comp will handle the high CPU and Ram require usage to run the server smoothly. require to have either powered speakers or connect to amp to produce sound playback.

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