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[Jul 20, 1999]
an Audiophile

I recently have had the xperience of owning both the Wadia 270/27ix. The 27ix alone represents a 4.0 rating but together with the 270 via clocklink using aurasymphonic AT&T it brings the level up to 4.75. The 27ix alone can sound digital meaning slight hint of dryness and grainy at the vocals (especially at mid to low volumes). The bass and imaging is exceptionally good but again coupled with the 270 opened up the sound staging and brings the imaging to a significant tighter focus. Then I heard the Wadia #9 with the Wadia #7, this prompted me to sell the 270/27ix. Even though the #9 can not decode 24/96 yet it represented the true 5.0 rating. The 7/9 combo had everything that the 270/27ix lacked in terms of body, impact, musicality (which was hard to imagine based on how good the 270/27ix sounded). It was a whole new level of listening experience that the 270/27ix could not match. Of course the price is significantly higher. I also auditioned the Linn Sondek running through the ML 32 preamp. The only CD player that equals or possibly beat the 270/27ix (this is very subjective at this level) is the Linn Sondek besides the Wadia 7/9 combo. The only area that the Sondek beat the 270/27ix is at the high frequency end, any trace of graininess (as very slight it may have been) was not there with the Sondek and Wadia 7/9.
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Cinepro 20 balanced AC conditioner (all front end)
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