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Minh   Audio Enthusiast [Feb 03, 2001]

Transparency, detail, MUSICALITY


$$$ (especially for the latest $6k price tag)

This is by far the best DAC I have ever heard. The incredible re-clock and up-sampling to 24/786 (yes! you read
it right!) is just amazing. Silk smooth sound with very very
transparent sound stage. So airy and lively that I almost
forgot I am listening the digital. With the Dodson reside
in my system, I don't need LP that much...

There might be new digital format floating around here and
there but with my 1000+ CD collection, I really appreciate
the Dodson.

Some notes about the D version. I don't know what's going
on with it but the D version just doesn't sound as good
as the original 217 MK2. Maybe just another 'marketing hype'
so they can bump up the price tag! Anyway, grab one if you
can, especially the pre-D version

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Kin   Audiophile [Feb 17, 2001]




I just got this pre-"D" version of the Dodson DA-217MKII with the 24/96 upgrade. I am utterly impressed with its ability to convey "presence" compared to the SFD2(which is a very good DAC by it self). It ability to create "space" around each sound source, instrument or vocal, is simply amazing. With this DAC, I'll be enjoying my CD collection for a long time to come!

One additional note; the service of Dadson Audio is very,very good. I bought this DAC used and was severely damaged by Fedex when arrived. We contacted Ralph Dadson,he fixed the dac, upgraded everything(hardware and software)at no cost to me. Appearantly, he is very committed to take care of every Dodson Dac owner. Any problem or question, an email or a phone call, Ralph Dodson will take care of you, personally. Highly recommanded.

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Jaime Paderna   an Audio Enthusiast [Oct 18, 1997]

I first read about the Dodson in Audio magazine. The writer gave it an A+ ratingso I decided to give it a listen. At that time, I had a decent Theta Chroma
396 HDCD DAC in my system (SF SFT-1 -> Theta->Audible Illusions L-1 -> LLano
A-200 ->Von Schweikert VR-4s). It was great for rock and roll (nice bass) but a
little thin in the highs for clasical and certain jazz pieces. Definitely solid-
state sounding. The Dodson has 2 built in plase loop locks (PPL) circuits so it
does not need a jitter filter. Inputs are 2 SPDIF on BNC and 1 toslink. They
supply a BNC to RCA adapter but Ralph Dodson suggested its a lot better to a RCA
-> BNC cable if your transport does not have a BNC out. It also comes with
optional AT&T Glass and AES/EBU inputs as options. It has single ended and
balanced outputs. It also comes in a non-HDCD version.

I tested the Dodson with and without the preamp buy connecting it to a passive
remote volume control unit. The Dodson is very different sounding than the
Theta. It is in a word, stunning. It is has a very quite background and sounds
warm and liquid, no grain. Classica music with string instruments are very
moving and rock and roll will make you rock and roll. It sounds even better with
just the passive unit. I have the At&T glass and HDCD version. I may have the
unit modified to the AES/EBU version to try that digital input.
I've been told that a preperly implemented AES/EBU circuit is the best digital
link for any converter. One other nice thing about the Dodson is that it is
upgradable via socketed roms and ic's. So if any new invention comes along the
Dodson can be upgraded to take advantage of the new technology. Its a great
sounding unit and the last DAC I will need to buy.

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