April Music Stello DA220 DACs

April Music Stello DA220 DACs 


The April Music DA220 upsampling digital to analog converter was created to satisfy listeners who continue to treasure two-channel recordings of the highest order. At a price that belies the creative use of extensive circuitry, the DA220 includes selectable upsampling from conventional 44.1kHz/16-bit to 48kHz, 96kHz, and 192kHz, all managed by the touch of a button on the front panel. A specially designed sixth-order digital filter is installed between the DAC and analog output modules.


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[Mar 26, 2006]
Audio Enthusiast


Non splashy top end, extremely clear midrange, good micro amd macro dynamics, strong and tuneful bass and smooth sounding across all frequency range. Can pick up subtle differences in interconnect and digital cables


None at all

I thought I'll start by saying that in my opinion, this DAC outgun my previous Arcam FMJ CD23 in more ways than one and brigs out the best in avry types of music you play through it This is a serious DAC for not much money. I have had my Arcam running as the transport and when cpompared to the Arcam running as a cd player, this DAC sounded more detailed, sharper, more holographic, smoother and cleaner sounding than the Arcam. This is not a criticism of Arcam but i think Stello is on to somethng here. This is one of those products where the holy grail of "value for money" has indeed been found. After eight months of running in, I'm glad to say that did not spend my money on a more expensive equipment. I'd recommend that you use the balance input and output for best result. I got rid of my Arcam and bought the Stello CDT200 transport and the two is a match made in auidiophile wonderland. My' wife is also happy now that I have stop my desire to upgrade my hifi.

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