Zenith ADR620 CD Recorders/Players

Zenith ADR620 CD Recorders/Players 


- CD-Sync Capability - One press for recording a single track; two presses for recording an entire disc, when connected to an external source through a digital connection.
- Headphone Volume Control - Front headphone connector has its own adjustable volume control for convenient, private listening.
- EZ Connect Front Digital Input - Coaxial digital input connector on the front of the entertainment machine for convenient dubbing from external sources.
- Multi-Speed Recording (1x, 2x, 4x).
- Auto Sampling Rate Converter and CD-Sync Capability.
- Record from Internal or External Source.


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[May 04, 2006]


Beacuse this is by now a "left-over" model, prices on this model are coming down. If you can purchase it at a low price (such as a close-out sale, or a low bid on eBay), then it is a good value. At the price I paid, it is a solid 5/5 for value.


Build quality is so-so. Not made for heavy use.
Buttons are small. Helps if you have small fingers.
Labels are small white on silver-speckled black. Hard to read in dim light.
Recording level meters are uncalibrated. Though they are color coded, I have no idea whether the "red zone" is in terms of 0 dBFS.

This machine is based on the same LG-sourced chasis as some of the HK, Aiwa, and TDK double-transport models. While those other manufacturers may have specified OEM-upgrades to their machines, this Zenith is a basic, no-frills unit. Fit and finish are a little rough, and the transports are not what one would consider heavy-duty. Still, the machine gives a better impression than the Philips machines. Slow to read a CD when first loaded. Ergonomically, some of the buttons are too small. Sonically, about average on playback (i.e., on par with most middle-of-the-road CD and DVD machines). On recording, however, it is much better than average. The A/D conversion on this machine is excellent. I have been using it to copy analog sources, and have been pleased with the results. If you have a better than average CD-playback unit, then the recordings made by this machine will not disappoint.
From my experience so far (7 month so far), it should be a long-lived machine, provided the user is not heavy-handed, careless, or ham-fisted.

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