Sima IMIX-120 CD Recorders/Players

Sima IMIX-120 CD Recorders/Players 


Sima IMIX-120 Digital Audio Recorder with CD Player


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[Mar 25, 2002]
Audio Enthusiast


Cool Features (when they work) Fine audio quality. Over 100 hours of music capacity. Decent value if you can find one for less than $150 Easy set up. Fun to play with. Will work as a standalone without a computer.


Crappy build quality. Cheap plasic look. Battery devouring remote. Difficult to access music tracks from the front panel. Buggy overall performance.

The Imix is a buggy, first generation attempt at an audio server. I wanted a whole house audio server for my 500+ MP3s. Other component style audio servers I had found were over $1000. When I saw one on Ubid For $140 I thought, what the heck! If I had paid $500 or $600, I would have been really upset. While the audio quality is fine. The build quality is cheap. The chrome plated plastic buttons remind me of a $9 drugstore clock radio. It is very difficult to access tracks from the unit''s front controls. The remote is handy for direct access to tracks but is very squirrelly. If the batteries are anything less than brand new, the unit behaves horribly. In concept, it is pretty a cool remote, it is bi-directional and the remote''s LCD will display all the tracks on the server. There is search and editing capabilities and even a mini QWERTY keyboard built into the remote. But all this cool stuff is hard to use because the remote is so finicky. The remote has short range and eats batteries at an alarming rate. I was buying batteries for this thing several times a week. (it takes 4 AAs) now I just store the remote without the batteries installed. If I forget to take the batteries out of the remote after use, they''ll be dead within a day or two. I believe the remote is constantly querying the main unit, even when not in use. The Sima Imix has so much promise; they really packed a lot of very cool features in to cool package and it has capacity for well over 100 hours of music. If it were only executed with a little more effort, it would be a stunning product. I tolerate its flaws because I got it cheap. Do not pay anywhere near the suggested $600 list for this unit. With its current problems, anything over $200 is too much.

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