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Andy White   Audio Enthusiast [Nov 13, 1999]

Solid Build. Twin Multi bit DACs 8 times oversampling. Clear sounding. Careful internal construction. Heaps of facilities. Optical coaxial out.


Not as well built and does not have the twin transformers that my CDX1100 from 1987 has. Looks classy but a bit of a "button bristler". Could have used a flip down panel. Can sound bright in the wrong system.

This is a 1989 model as the selector does not go back that far. I can't find any reviews. Hifi Choice never reviewed it.

Sounds good. Average soundstage.
Can sound bright with the wrong speakers. Bass is generous but could be tighter. This model was one below top of the range (top model was CD5050). Can be a good transport, however it does not have the more expensive linear motor that my CDX1100 has.

Has Hi bit 8 time oversampling and 18+4 bit DAC. Im not sure what 18+4 means but it has it quoted on the unit but it lists 18 bit in specs. Looks like one of the last multi bits before Yamaha went to S bit.

Can someone else tell me if they have this unit and what you think of it. I believe it was pretty expensive in its day; $1200 Australian.

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