Theta Digital Data Basic II and DSPro Prime Ia CD Players

Theta Digital Data Basic II and DSPro Prime Ia CD Players 


CD Transport and Digital-To-Analog Converter


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[Jun 24, 2000]


soundstage is huge and expansive,extremely transparent,a very open sound.


Any weakness up stream will show immediately.Make sure your system is configued properly.

I'm using the Pro Prime Theta Progeny with my Denon DVD 2500 and the dynamic range has expanded ,as well as this huge wall to wall imaging I never thought was possible.I had to move my left and right front speakers further apart about one foot to accomadate this enveloping wall to wall soundstage.Voices now sound like real people behind them,not a faxsimile of them.Highs have a wonderful openess to them,I'm using the Transparent Super Interconnect xl version between the Progeny and my DD Receiver which is
A Harmon Kardon AVR 35,but u may ask where are the high end seperates for the DA Converter,Its not necessary, as a matter of fact this is perfectly suited for a mid level DVD Player or possibly any player with coax and digital outs.Try it you'll love it.

[Dec 20, 1998]
Dave de Villiers
an Audiophile

Having owned this Theta duo for some 2 years now, this is more of a long-term feedback review than a specific session.
Before beginning to wax lyrical about these items, it might be useful to describe the rest of the system of which they comprise the digital source:

Digital Interconnect: Cable Talk Digital 2 (1 metre RCA terminated)
DAC to Pre-amp: Cable Talk Broadcast 2 (1 metre pair, XLR terminated)
Pre-amplifier: Classe' CP-50 (with PHCP-50 phono stage in-built)
Pre to Power amp: Cable Talk Broadcast 2 (1 metre pair, XLR terminated)
Power Amplifier: Classe' CA-100
Speaker cables: Cable Talk Concert 4 (2 x 3 metre - bi-wire)
Speakers: Tannoy D700 (Walnut veneer - on spikes)

The Classe' pre/pwr combo and the Tannoy D700's synergise well - they just need a really musical front-end...

And that's exactly what the Theta Drive/Dac combo delivers - in spades!!

Music sounds like music... Be it Classical, Jazz, New Age or Rock 'n Roll...

Transients are well-handled, Low register bass is tight, fast and has tremendous slam, Mid-range is clean, detailed but not clinical, highs are sweet and clear.

Imaging and Soundstaging are well-presented and three-dimensional while at the same time, rock solid with no variable displacement - be it lateral, vertical or in depth of stage.

Close your eyes and an orchestra sounds like... An orchestra! Its there in the room right with you - strings clearly positioned, brass likewise...

Female vocals are particularly well-handled: Annie Lennox' voice sends shivers up and down spine... Astrud Gilberto never sounded more alive and present.

Its probably dangerous to single out the source as being solely responsible for all of this lovely music - all the bits work together so well that a degree of synergy is achieved. Still and all, the Theta Drive and DAC have a lot to do with the end result.

Would I change anything? Probably... I'd love to upgrade the DAC to a Theta GenVa (or at least to a DSPro Basic IIIa) - but its not a priority - everything works so well together I'm a wee bit hesitant to change anything...

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