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The C-565BEE features the same precise sound and musicality of its What Hifi 5 star sibling, but with improved levels of detail and clarity. With a high quality Woolfson 24-bit DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor), toroidal power supply and separate, isolated power regulators for the analogue and digital sections, the C565BEE produces a fantastically musical experience, whatever the genre.

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The13thGryphon   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 27, 2010]

Just recently picked up this unit to go with my NAD C355BEE integrated amp and Quad 21L speakers. Fantastic combination! This CD player is VERY good. I've been looking for a unit at around the $1,000 mark for my den system for several years now. I've listened to a wide variety, and came close to purchasing on a couple of occasiions, but never could pull the trigger until now.

Oh sure, the Linn Majic at $3,500 was good, and the Sondek CD12 at $10,000 was incredible... but who wants to pay that kind of money. I almost went for the Rega Apollo, and I probably would have gone for the Naim CD5i if it wasn't about $800 more than I was willing to pay. Besides, then I would have felt like I needed to change out to a Naim integrated... and those are darn expensive too!

The sound of the NAD C565 is steller. I'm hearing more detail, and farther into the music, than any unit I've tried previously in this price rage. Unlike many CD players I've listened to I'm not wanting to turn down the volume after the first 30 minutes. The highs are quite listenable without being recessed or rolled off. And it really compliments my NAD integrated nicely. There's a synergy between the two that is hard to describe; I just know they were meant to work together, and listening to them together is very pleasurable. For my money the C565 is every bit as good as CD players I've heard costing many hundreds more.

I also have a Sonos ZP-80 connected to the optical digital input of the C565. Wow! Did that ever inprove on the quality of sound coming through the Sonos. I mean, I thoguht it was pretty good before... now it's downright scary good! I actually think that the FLAC files on my NAS sound better being decoded by the NAD C565's digital to analog converters than the original CD's of the same music do.

Anyway, this is a great CD player, and one I would highly recommend.

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