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This product the Musical Fidelity X-RAY V8 and the power supply is one of the best deals in audio as the 2 are being discounted at $800 and once sold for about $2900. It has a tube like character with great detail from top to bottom and a very good mid section. IT was tested in a shoot-out fashion and came out on top of some pretty good CDP's and only came in second one time in a player costing a little more at its original price point. IF you can find this player grab wont be disapointed.

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Jim P   Audio Enthusiast [Dec 28, 2009]

This review is of the Musical Fidelity X-Ray CDP plus X-Ray power supply. The CDP looks and feels well put together. The X-Ray has analog rca's and a coaxial output. The player upsamples to 24 bit 192kz. The only real complaints/faults is the display that is VERY difficult to read and the remote needs to be aimed exactly at the player very carefully as it needs to be aimed like a first person shooter game! These are the only problems or faults I've noticed. I've had it a year with no problems minus those mentioned above. Any notes by me may be system dependant... YMMV. What my wife and I noticed within short order is the amount of detail. there is a lots of details that we never noticed before in a lot of our music cd's. The player seems to pull everything off the cd and I really think its a detail monster. In my system the sound is really rich and detailed with a lot of clean bottom end and nice highs. Voices sound pretty amazing,very rich sounding. The MF CDP seems very good sound across the frequencies range. That being said poorly recorded cd's can sound quite bad while well recorded music is wonderfully rich. Being my first good CDP I can't say if it's a high end digital setup with any type of real knowledge,ie listening to lots of high end players. Strings sound so good on this player(I play classical music for a living). The X-ray really lets you hear EVERY instrument section easily. I play viola and on my cheaper player/DVD it was hard to hear each line,especially the viola's. With this player the different orchestra sections are easily discernable. Very enjoyable to listen to. We can turn it up on the volume and the stereo doesn't "shout" at you as a friend told me. I can't say the player is perfect for reasons A B C or whatever but it makes us want to go buy WAY more Cd's. My coffe table is getting full of Cd's. The list price on this site is $2900!! I don't think that's accurate as mine listed at my audio dealer for $1500 and I think I got it cheaper than that. This CDP sound is a 5 rating BUT the remote control(which is laid out nice) is hard to aim at the player,weird but true and the display is really really bad. So I'm giving the player a 4 rating. My stereo is as follows:
Musical Fidelity X-Ray CDP and X-ray power supply
Aragon 24K pre-amp
Rotel RB1080 200X2 amp
Paradigm Studio 100's
Audioquest diamondback rca's and Rocket 44's single biwire cables
Rotel RLC 1040 power conditioner

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