Marantz SA11S2 Reference Series SACD Player CD Players

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SA11S2 Reference Series SACD Player

Reference Series SACD Player plays SACDs, audio CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs,aluminum disc mechanism

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Beazly   Audio Enthusiast [Nov 19, 2009]

First, let me just say that this is a very "Special" piece of Audio, from the build quality, and the almost "Artful"
design, make it a spectacular visual piece.

I only say this, as typically I am about "Performance", I could care less what it looks like, if it sounds great!
But out of the Box, Both my wife, and my Jaw, dropped to the floor! This thing is really "Bad to the Bone!"

Built like the Battleship Mo. Iv'e seen amplifiers not made near as sturdy as this Player is.

Not a single piece of plastic, not even the remote, in fact the metal remote, if one was so inclined, is so
solid in nature, and heft in weight, it could "knock someone out"

I mention this only, because I was shocked of the many $$$$$ big money Cary, DCS, Wadia,EMM, Arcam, and
others that are not cheap players at ALL; All have plastic remote control units, for $12k I don't expect
a plastic remote.

My wife actually Surprised me, and ordered me the Marantz SA-11S2 with the L-2 Underwood Mod.

How is that for spousal support? (clever girl!) I was "Blind-Sided" by my wife, she overheard me
talking to Walter at Underwood Mods. and she was "taking notes!" or something, I had NO idea!

Out of the Box, freezing cold(from Canada) I turned this thing on, and my wife, who really is NOT

at ALL into Audio, exclaimed, "wow! that IS Better than the Dac-1" and the Sony XA-7ES player!

That is HUGE! Coming from her, that is like Quincy Jones patting your back and saying "nice sounds!".
(okay that is a Huge stretch)

The Marantz simply put, just does everything "Better!" I can only say this... I feel like I am hearing

an "Original Master Tape" playing, except it is a Disc.

We ALL hear different, this we ALL know; But until I heard the Marantz, I was convinced that I would
never hear Anything sound better! Boy I could not be more, wrong.

It is like fine food, we can't comment one way, or another, on how good a dish is,
without actually "tasting it " for ourselves.

Much in the same way, I have learned that, If something sounds Superior to what you own, then You

WILL HEAR it! Trust me, this is Objective, as my wife, NEVER says anything one way, or another!

When I listen, ALL I hear is the Music, ALL the speakers, and components, fade away...

200 hours to burn-in, and I am already seeking to regain about 200 CD.s I lost some time back.
Just so I can "Hear" them the way they are meant to sound, for the very first time.

I am talking Redbook here, as SACD labels are still scarce, for my tastes, although I do own several SACD's.

But since Redbook is my main collection, I am so happy to report that this player, out of the box, cold,
is ever so close to SACD quality, it is that good.

The Pace and Resolution, and ALL the Positive attributes hoped for in a Reference Class Player;

The Marantz has them ALL in Spades!

But again,We ALL hear differently, what sounds great to me, may make you sick.
But, music is very personal, and for me, this player makes my ears happiest of ALL!

All others sounded "Digital" even if ever so slight, that "edge", that only this player

is "immune to" thankfully.


Saul would be very Proud.

Players used:
Denon several
Sony XA-7ES
sony 707ES
Sony C555SACD

Marantz SA-7S1
Cary 306 Pro

Love Your Music!

I know I am!

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