Cayin Audio Distribution CDT-17A CD Players


  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0,5dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 90 dB
  • Vacuum tube: 4 x 6922
  • Consumption: 40 W
  • Crosstalk: 90dB

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Niyac   AudioPhile [May 15, 2015]

Bought this unit brand new from a defunct retailer for $1000. That is the problem with Cayin that there seem always to be problems with the retailers. However, the product in itself is more than excellent. I wanted a tubed CD-player with real balanced circuits and XLR-outputs. There are many tubed CD-players out there with tubes but they are actually not a part of the signal path! That´s right - only for show! Some also have XLR but not really genuinly balanced circuitry. With the Cayin CDT-17A I believe you get as close to the very best audiophile CD-players around without getting ruined in the process. The Cayin has proper double balanced circuits, class A tube output stage. I swopped the tubes (EH6922) to Siemens NOS E88CC and also the opamps to BB OPA 627BP. The sound wasn´t bad from the beginning but with these simple upgrades the sound was the very best I´ve ever heard. Aboslutely quiet between notes, huge soundstage and realistic depth. Voices were sometimes frightening to listen to. They didn´t sound recorded for the first time - they sounded real! Another thing - SACD/CD hybrids actually sounded better on this player than on my SACD dedicated player - no kidding! The unit is very heavy, solidly built, absolutely quiet and eventhough it got four tubes running - not overly hot on the surface either. The only thing I am a bit picky about is the remote. It is very solid, 100% in metal aso but the player can react in a very sluggish way sometimes making you pushing a button over and over again. This is just minor criticism like getting sand in your shoes because you finally are on vacation in the Seyshelles islands. It is highy recommended and is probably the last CD-player you will ever own if you get it. The quality of the internal components and the chassie, will guarantee a long life span. There shouldn´t be any problem to get is serviced either, eventhough it sports high quality, it relies on components readily available (european resistors and capacitors, BB opamps of high quality, CD-drive from Philips etc.

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