Alchemist Nexus APD32A CD Players

Alchemist Nexus APD32A CD Players 


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[May 19, 2000]
Chris Rowe
Audio Enthusiast


Sound, appearance


Remote control, front panel controls

This is not only a superb looking machine, it has a sound that realy pulls the listener in.
Mine is used through a tweaked Edison 60 valve amp & Callas Operatta spkrs. The Alchemy replaced a Marantz CD-63 / Cambridge Audio DacMagic100 (with more tweaks) and the increase in bottom, mid and unfortunately, top-end from the Alchemy machine was massive. Unfortunately, because the treble is a bit harsh at times - i put this down to poor quality recordings, as this CD player really does reveal the musical content of a disc. On a good recording though, it sings. You need your feet tied together to keep them still, when there's a good quality disc on the go.
Downsides? - the fiddly arrangement of f/p controls, and the fact that the display is set so deep that it can't be seen unless you look at it from straight ahead. And the remote is the worst i've ever seen - instead i use the r/c from my Thorens tuner, as it will also control the CD.
Buy this CD player - it sounds fabulous, and that's why you have one in the end.

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[Mar 17, 1998]
an Audiophile

I stumbled upon this CD player at the wonderful and low-key Alternative Audio, in Dundas, Ontario. I was originally set on the Rega Planet and
auditioned it with a variety of recordings ranging from Ry Cooder and
Eric Clapton to the haunting Finnish Candomino Choir. The Rega is
a wonderfully constructed machine, my children could never break it.
But the presentation seemed too laid back; as I listened I kept wanting
more. So I switched to the Cambridge Audio CD6. This sounded quite a
bit better, more forward, more apparent detail. Promising, cheaper too!
Then looking behind me, I saw the Alchemist Nexus. Out of curiosity I asked to hear it, and Mike (the owner) graciously obliged. Man what a difference.
To my ears it far surpassed the Rega and CD6.Lots of sparkling detail,
a beautiful velvet quality to female voices and a solid three dimensional presentation of men's. With the Candomino version of Finlandia I could hear the individual voices even picking out the lone baritone who for a few bars floats above the others. It never seemed etched or aggressive, at all times
the sound was natural and relaxed. I was hooked and brought in my
wife, daughter and speakers the next day for a second audition. Even on my aging LS3/5A's the magic was still there, reminiscent of my Linn LP12. My
wife agreed with my evaluation on the first two players. She thought
the CD6 the most promising of the two. Then I switched to the Nexus.
Her smile said it all. This was music and a sound we could both happily
live with. It made every instrument sing, so we bought it. The Innerear
Report has a positive review describing the technology of the player.
It's british and I believe designed by Tim Paravicini. Aesthetics are
excellent. Zen-deco if you can picture it. Documentation is meagre but
adequate. Remote is also just adequate. But the sound is wonderful!
Many thanks to Mike of Alternative Audio.

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