Accuphase DP-75 CD Players


The DP-75 is the ultimate CD transport/processor system in a single body with a MMB type D/A converter, ultra jitter-free PLL circuit, and high-precision sampling frequency converter. A fully digital CD mechanism control allows optimization of servo performance.

The DP-75 incorporates a wealth of technology originally developed for top-of-the-line separate-type CD reproduction systems. Rather than calling it a CD player, it therefore can be justly called a CD Transport/Processor System. It offers all the advantages of separate components, conveniently housed in a single enclosure.

The D/A converter in the processor section uses the amazingly precise MMB principle which delivers performance pushing physical limits. This converter system stands at the pinnacle of the multi-bit universe. It is complemented by the Ultra Jitter-Free PLL Circuit developed by Accuphase and a high-precision Sampling Frequency Converter (SFC). Pulse distortion and jitter are virtually absent assuring absolutely faithful conversion of the input signal. To allow use of this ultimate D/A conversion system also with external components, the DP-75 provides versatile digital input and output facilities. The unit therefore can function as a digital control center which enhances the sound quality of the entire system.
The CD transport side of the DP-75 is impressive as well. For example, it uses fully digital circuits for mechanism control. This allows optimizing servo Performance for each individual disc, assuring improved operation stability and a drastic reduction in error rate. The laser pickup is an ultra-compact type with integrated RF amplifier. and all actuators are driven by balanced circuits which do not conduct any Current to the ground tine. The tray lock feature firmly secures the tray during playback, to maintain the high purity of the digital signal.

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