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To maintain the signal purity S-Video provides, Outlaw Audio’s PSSV cables use the same ultra-pure, highly refined, silver center conductor technology as our renowned PSC coaxial interconnects. While the geometry and size of the dual mini-coax cables that make up the PSSV are smaller than the PSC, the result is the same: Unparalleled transparency that virtually eliminates any on-screen artifacts due to signal loss.

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  Audio Enthusiast [Feb 16, 2004]

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None that I could find

It's been over a month since I installed a couple Outlaw PSSV cables in my system (0.5 meter from Panasonic DVD-RA60 DVD player to Outlaw Model 950, 1.2 meter from 950 to Mitsubishi 27" standard definition TV); they replaced similar length BetterCables Silver Serpent cables that had been my favorite s-video cables for the last couple years. Because I'm still using a standard definition TV that lacks component video inputs, s-video is the interface that all of my video signals use: digital cable, DVD, DVD-R, S-VHS VCR, and even the old Dreamcast. While the PSSV's are not a revolutionary change from the BetterCables Silver Serpent s-video cables that I had in place previously, they are the equal or better to those cables in video quality. On more mundane source material such as S-VHS or analog cable (where the benefits of a better cable can get lost in the flaws inherent in the source), I didn't feel that there was a difference between PSSV and Silver Serpent. It was on the more demanding stuff (good DVD transfers, for example, which is where the Silver Serpent stuff really impressed me when I got them a couple years ago) I felt like the PSSV was a little more "out of the way" than the Silver Serpent. And that's a good thing -- the video seemed a little clearer and the colors a little more vivid. I would rank the PSSV's as having somewhat better video quality than the Silver Serpent, putting the PSSV at the top of my list of s-video cables. As for construction, the PSSV offers a more solid, reassuring build quality than either the Silver Serpent or the Blue Jeans. Overall, I think it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a really good s-video cable, particularly for use with more demanding sources such as DVD, satellite, or digital cable.

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