XLO Signature 5.1 Speaker Cable Speaker Cables

Signature 5.1 Speaker Cable

Reference grade speaker cable with all teflon insulation

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hifiman087   AudioPhile [Mar 28, 2013]

Like the last reviewer said; hearing is believing!
These are amazing cables. I am using them with a pair of Unison Research Smart 845 monoblocs'. These valve amps have a sweet midrange and a lovely punch is delivered from those big 845 valves. With these cables connected to my Tidal Audio Piano Ceras, the system sings...absolutely beautiful!
Listening to Shawn Mullins, Souls Core "Sunday Morrnin' comin' down; It's like he's right there, holographic, so clear. These cables show the true character and warmth of these amplifiers.
These are cables for life!
Thrilled and delighted.

Thomas Heisig   Casual Listener [Dec 24, 2000]



None , the problem is your system when you do not like the cable

Well, here I can say:
Listening is believing.
There is all you want: Speed, holographic image, bass ( and how ! ), air ( lots of ) Timing is perfect.
Some will say it is analytical.
I have two answers for these:
1. Yes it is , but not in the usual way ( cold ), when there is something - you will hear it.
2. Yes, BUT - you will hear with what you feed them.
I s your amp cold sounding, you hear it , it is not the cable, warm sounding, airy sounding etc. - you get it back.
Some prefer something from cables because they want to compensate something ( you know, cold sounding systems with something warm like the Cardas etc. ). Let me warn you : When you own such a system and you use XLO, they will show you in a way that hurts what you have done with your system ( those of you using Levinson gear - don't use XLO, it is not so funny ....)
But now to the serious listeners: When the system is able to sing and you connect this cable I am shure you'll be blown through the wall. No fog, no dust etc. around the notes.
One of my best friends owns the biggest Rowland Amps with Martin Logans, he uses Cardas. After listening with my XLO's he really had problems going back ( But he loves the Midrange, and here is the Cardas fuller, but he is like me a fan of the high frequencies , you know the airy high frequencies, and here is the XLO Sign. a complete other world).
For the fanatics of you readers:
Use them in shot gun mode ( not bi- wire ! ).
Real killers, you can't locate the speakers, specially when using one amp per side.
But this is another story.

System's Components:

Turntable: Well Tempered Super ( Marigo )
Basis Debut Vacuum Mk.V
Arm: Well Tempered ( Marigo )
Graham 2.0 Deluxe
Cartridge: Benz Ruby ' Open Air '
Takeda ' Miyabi '
CD Transport: Goldmund Mimesis
D/A Converter: dCS ' Delius '
Audio Resolution Ref.
D/D Converter: dCS ' Purcell '
Phono Preamp: Stan Klyne 7 PX 3.5
Line Preamp: Stan Klyne 7 LX 3.5
Power Amps : 2 x Jeff Rowland ( Mono )
Golden Tube SE 300 B
2 x QUAD II ( Mono )
Speakers : Kochel ( Horns )
Reference 3A 'Aura'
Tuner : Magnum Dynalab ' ETUDE '
+ Signal Sleuth 205
Naim NAT 101 + Snaps
Tape : Revox PR 99 Mk III
Interconnects: XLO Signature + XLO Ltd. Edition
Phono Cable : XLO Signature
Speaker Cables: XLO Signature
Digital Cables: XLO Signature AES/EBU
Power Cables: XLO Ultra
Record Cleaner: VPI HW 16.5
Power Conditioner: Burmester 948
Octave Filter II
Rack : Solid Steel

Plans for Future: none, only listening

Jimmy James   an Audiophile [Aug 31, 1999]

Certainly a reference quality cable. Hard to describe, maybe that is what it does best is disappear. Extremely open, no grain. Goes high and goes low and mid in between. This cable can be had new for much less (40% off). Can be had used for even less. At a $1000 price point, beats Transparent whatever hands down. At $2000+ price point, Transparent has XLO beat according to the cable guru's. I have not auditioned Transparent in that price range. All the cable mfrs' have recently had price increases but XLO is discounting their products heavily. Low impedance cable that is said to really help the sound of amps with low damping factors. Makes my Maggies (3,5R) sing with ML332 amp.

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