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XLO PRO 150 Speaker Cables 




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[Jun 09, 2000]
Audio Enthusiast


Neutral for a budget interconnect


Not real revealing....Low bass a little light

An ok neutral cable I picked up from Sound City Electronics...(The place with the horrible nasty
Customer Service People)I have one between my
Sony CDP XA20ES and NAD amp.. This cable lacks some
excitement factor or maybe my electronics do..Audition
at purchase and steer clear of Sound City!!!!!

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[Mar 23, 1999]
Mark Whitnall
an Audio Enthusiast

I ordered these from www.fatwyre.com on their recommendation. They were responding to my complaint about thinness and treble harshness on some
recordings on Magneplanar MMGs driven by an NAD C340 (CD player: NAD 514).

The interconnects were shipped directly from XLO Electric and arrived with
one cable of the pair nonfunctional. I called XLO and they shipped out a new
pair immediately, which came two days later.

I'm pretty skeptical about much of the discussion in audiophile circles, but
I have to say, these interconnects do sound better than cheap standard
RCA interconnects. I did AB testing using two recordings with problematical
treble content: Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 - Allegro vivace (Martha
Argerich; Montreal Symphony Orchestra/Charles Dutoit; excerpt on April 99
Gramophone CD) and Mary Chapin Carpenter, State of the Heart, track 3:
Never Had It So Good. Speaker cables: XLO PRO 600 (20' pair)

This was not very scientific, i.e., not ABX, but the differences were clear.
The loudest, sharpest, highest sounds were painful with the standard cables.
These were some of the attacks of piano notes on the Chopin (by the way, this
recording does better than most at realistically capturing the brilliant noisy
attacks of piano notes) and the drums/cymbals on the Mary Chapin Carpenter.
With the XLO 150s, these sounds were still sharp and brilliant but not painful.

Moreover, there was a greater smoothness and slightly richer sound with the
XLOs. It's not enough to fix the lack of bass on the Carpenter track but it's
a little better.

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