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[Sep 23, 1997]
an Audiophile

Wireworld is not a well known cable-specialist company but there are two BIG reasons why you should take it seriously. First, Wireworld prides itself for offering cables that are very neutral in such a way that it also offer speaker and interconnect evaluation devices. Second, it is the only cable company that advocates Double Blind ABX testing. Need I write more?
The Silver Eclipse (now in series III iteration) is the second to the top of the line Wireworld speaker cable (the Gold Eclipse) hence they are always overlooked by many audiophiles. In smaller gauge than the flagship model, the Silver Eclipse nevertheless enjoys much of the same things that the twice as expensive model feature: polymer coated grain-optimized silver conductors in coaxial geometry, solid silver spades, microporous teflon dielectric and impeccable construction.

Now the sound. The exemplary bass will be hard to miss. I assure you - until you have tried good silver cables - you are missing a lot of things in terms of bass extension, weight, speed and dynamics. The treble is naturally smooth and sweet sounding without sacrificing oodles of detail. The midband is rich and full, especially the lower midrange which lends extraordinary presence and palpability to vocals. The soundstage is eeriely very silent and extremely well focused and lastly, there is a coherence in the presentation that favors the whole musical performance instead of the parts.

In sighted A/B comparisons, the Silver Eclipse totally demolished many well known pricey cables, among them the ridiculously expensive Transparent Reference Music Wave. The Silver Eclipse at $2K / 8' pair is not inexpensive, and is ridiculously priced as well but I have not heard better at the price range. If you want state of the art cables ... the Silver Eclipse is highly recommended.

My personal components:

NAD 502 (modified)
McCormack Micro Line Drive (passive)
McCormack DNA 1 deluxe
Wireworld Eclipse interconnects
Wireworld Silver Eclipse speaker cables

Cables compared against the Silver Eclipse:

Aural Symphonics Purple Gen 2
MIT MH 770 Shotgun CVT Terminator
Nordost Red Dawn
Transparent Reference Music Wave
Wireworld Eclipse

Borrowed components: (from friends)

Sony XA7ES
Conrad Johnson MV55
Pass Aleph 3

My tweaks / accessories:

Chang Lightspeed ISO CLS6400 20AH power line conditioner
Wireworld Aurora power cords
Sonus faber Stand Iron (adjustable from 23.5-31.5")
Shun Mook Mpingo
Audioprism Stoplight
Audioprism Blacklight
Audioprism Isobearings
Bright Star UIS 3
DIY pneumatic isolation / sand box platforms
DIY sound absorbers

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