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Sonic Horizon SilverMoon Interconnects Speaker Cables 


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[Mar 20, 2001]
Tom Shea


tonal balance perfect, lots of accurate deep bass, rich "real" midrange, accurate highs. More inner detail than any other interconnect. Sound stage and focus precise. Sense of no speakers, only live music. 5 Stars!



The best review is a copy of the letter I emailed to Harry shortly after setting up the system with his Silver Moon speaker cables and interconnects. Since writing the letter, everything has continued to improve as the cable continues to break in. The accuracy, detail and sense of "real live music" is completely without peer in the industry. Sonic Horizons doesn't just make the best cables, they make the "only" cables. Here's the letter:


I finally got my system set up again with your cables in place. I expected to hear some improvement over the cables I've used in the past because you know cable better than any other pwerson I know. What I heard when the system was powered up and running was nothing short of phenomenal!

Never have I heard such transparent sound. It's as if no speakers exist at all, only the music with precise focus and holographic imaging.

I'm discovering new inner detail that I've never heard before. It's almost like switching from mid-fi transistor gear to the best Audio Research tube gear, and this is happening despite the fact that I already own very fine tube electronics.

The tonal balance is absolutely perfect, from the highest highs, through the stunning midrange, all the way down to a rock solid, full tight bass you can feel as well as hear.

I've got to take my hat off to you. Never have I heard cable that makes such a huge improvement in my system. You know I've never been shy about spending thousands of dollars for cable and interconnect and have upgraded often over the last 10 years. Having your Silver Moon interconnect and shotgunned speaker cables installed is my last stop. How can I improve on perfection?

And to think, the cable hasn't even broken in properly yet! Even Ruth with her non-audiophile ears is duly impressed. She keeps asking me how wires can make such a difference.

I'll report back later after the Silver Moons are completely broken in. In the meantime, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing music this close to live to my listening room. It doesn't get any better than this!

Tom Shea

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Top interconnects from AudioNote, Tara Labs, Straightwire, Monster to name a few. I've tried virtually all of them. I used the Silver Moon Interconnects together with the Silver Moon Speaker Cables. This review is of the two together. They have a syngeristic effect on each other.

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