Sonic Horizon Daybreak Power Cord Speaker Cables

Daybreak Power Cord

High Quality EGC Conductors Noise Canceling Geometry 13 Gauge Dual Isolated Independant Shields Dual RFI-Zero Noise Suppressors Proprietary Z-Stat Treatment Hubbell 5266 AC Plug Schurter IEC Plug PET Outer Jacket

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Dennis   Audiophile [May 19, 2001]

Build quality, premium materials (especially at this price point!)



One of the "best kept secrets" in cables. This company makes some of the best sounding/built cables out there--at ANY price.

Absolutely on of the best price-performance ratio of any cable I've certainly tried.

13 ga., Hubbell 5266 plug, with Swiss Schurter IEC connector. Outstanding RFI sheilding gives this cord a ultra-quiet background. Smooth musical presentation with expansive soundstage.

Again, I don't think you can do better (or even close) at this price point, new or used.

HIGHLY recommended.


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& one wife on the verge of killing me

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